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Time Defrost - Frigidaire GLMB186C Use & Care Manual

Frigidaire glmb186c: operating instruction
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Table of Contents
Operating Instructions
Time Features

Time Defrost

Allows you to defrost for the length of
time you select. See the Defrosting Guide
for suggested times.
1. Press AUTO/TIME DEFROST twice.
2. Enter defrosting time.
3. Press START.
4. Turn food over when the oven signals.
5. Press START.
(Auto Defrost explained in the section on
Auto Features.)
Power level 3 is automatically set, but you
may change this for more flexibility. You
may defrost small items more quickly by
raising the power level after entering the
time. However, they will need more
frequent attention than usual.
Power level 7 cuts the total defrosting time
in about half; power level 10 cuts the total
time to approximately 1/3. Rotate or stir
food frequently.
At one half of selected defrosting time,
the oven signals TURN. At this time, turn
food over and break apart or rearrange
pieces for more even defrosting. Shield
any warm areas with small pieces of foil.
A dull thumping noise may be heard
during defrosting. This sound is normal
when the oven is not operating at
High power.
Defrosting Tips
• Foods frozen in paper or plastic can be
defrosted in the package. Tightly closed
packages should be slit, pierced or
vented AFTER food has partially
defrosted. Plastic storage containers
should be at least partially uncovered.
• Family-size, prepackaged frozen dinners
can be defrosted and microwaved. If the
food is in a foil container, transfer it to a
microwave-safe dish.
• Foods that spoil easily, such as milk,
eggs, fish, stuffings, poultry and pork,
should not be allowed to sit out for more
than one hour after defrosting. Room
temperature promotes the growth of
harmful bacteria.
• For more even defrosting of larger foods,
such as beef, lamb and veal roasts, use
Auto Defrost.
• When defrosted, food should be cool but
softened in all areas. If still slightly icy,
return to the microwave very briefly, or let
it stand a few minutes.

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Table of Contents

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