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Care & Cleaning - Frigidaire FMV157G Use & Care Manual

Over-the-range with convenience pad microwave oven
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Table of Contents
Cleaning the exhaust filters
The oven ventilation exhaust filters should be removed and
cleaned often; generally at least once every month.
To avoid risk of personal injury or property damage, do
not operate oven hood without filters properly in place.
Surface lights
1. To remove the exhaust ventilation filters, slide the filter to
the rear. Then pull filter downward and push to the other
side. The filter will drop out. Repeat for the 2nd filter.
2. Soak the ventilation filters in hot water using a mild
detergent. Rinse well and shake to dry. Do not use
ammonia or wash in a dishwasher. The aluminum
on the filter will corrode and darken.
3. To reinstall the exhaust ventilation filter, slide it into the
side slot, then push up and toward oven to lock.
Reinstall the 2nd filter using the same procedure.
Care & Cleaning
Surface light replacement
To avoid risk of personal injury or property damage, wear
gloves when replacing the light bulbs.
1. Unplug the microwave oven or turn off power at the main
circuit breaker.
2. Remove the bulb cover mounting screws at both light
positions under the microwave.
3. Replace bulb with 40 watt appliance bulb.
4. Replace bulb cover and mounting screw.
5. Plug the microwave back into the power supply or turn
the power back on at the main circuit breaker.

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Table of Contents

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