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Frigidaire CFMV157GSA Installation Instructions Manual

Over the range
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Over the Range
Microwave Oven
I Questions? Call 1-800-944-9044(us)
or VisitoL,,-W_bsite at:
and carefully.
- Savethese
for local inspector's
• IMPORTANT - Observeall
• Note to Installer
Be stH'e
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with the Consumer.
• Note to Consumer
- Keet)
for future
• Skill level
of this appliance
basic mechanical
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• Proper
is tile responsibility
of the installer.
• Product
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is not
tile Warranty.



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  • Page 1 Installation Over the Range Microwave Oven Instructions 1-800-668-4606(Canada) or VisitoL,,-W_bsite at: I Questions? Call 1-800-944-9044(us) BEFORE YOU BEGIN • Note to Consumer - Keet) Read these instructions completely and carefully. these instructions for future reference. - Savethese • IMPORTANT •...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Installation Instructions Recilvulating ........19-22 CONTENTS Attach Mourning Plate m Wall .... General information Preparation of Top Cabinet ....Important Safety Instructions ......Check Microwave Assembly ....Electrical Requirements .......... Adapting Microwave Blower Hood Exhaust ..........4, 5 for Recirculation ......
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    Installation Instructions IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS This product requires a three-prong grounded outlet. You should have the wall receptacle and circuit checked installer nmst perform a ground continuity check by a qualified electrician to make sure the receptacle on the power outlet box before beginning...
  • Page 4: Hood Exhaust

    Installation Instructions HOOD EXHAUST NOTE: Read these next pages only if you plan to vent your exhaust to the outside. If you plan to recirculate air back into room, proceed to page OUTSIDE TOP EXHAUST (EXAMPLE ONLY) The following chart describes an example of one possible ductwork...
  • Page 5 Installation Instructions Maximum duct length: NOTE: If you need to install ducts, note that the total duct length of 31/4" x 10" (8.2 x 25.4 cm) rectangular satisfactory air movement, the total duct length 6" (15.2 cm) diameter round duct should not exceed 3l/4"...
  • Page 6: Damage - Shipment/Installation

    Installation Instructions DAMAGEmSHIPMENT/ PARTS INCLUDED (coNT.) INSTALLATION ADDITIONAL PARTS • If the unit is damaged in shipment, return QUANTITY PART unit to the store in which it was bought for repair TopCabinet or replacement. Template TOP CABINETTEMPLATE • If the unit is damaged by the customer, repair replacement...
  • Page 7: Tools You Will Need

    Installation Instructions TOOLS YOU WILL NEED Ruleror tape measureand Pencil Carpentersquare # 1 Phillipsscrewdriver t edge (optional) Tin snips(for cutting damper,if required) Scissors Electricdrill with skd', Y2"and%" (to cut template,if necessary) drill bits Fillerblocksor scrap wood pieces,if needed Fortop cabinetspacing (usedon recessedbottom cabinet installationsonly) Gloves...
  • Page 8: Placement Of Mounting Plate

    Installation Instructions PLACEMENT OF THE MOUNTING PLATE REMOVING THE MICROWAVE FINDING THE WALL STUDS OVEN FROM THE CARTON/ REMOVING THE MOUNTING PLATE []Remove the installation instructions, filters, glass tray and the small hardware bag. Do not remove the Styrofoam protecting the fl'ont of the oven.
  • Page 9: Determining Wall Plate Location

    Installation Instructions DETERMINING WALL PLATE LOCATION UNDER YOUR CABINET Plate positionmbeneath framed recessed Plate positionmbeneath flat bottom cabinet bottom cabinet Mounting Plate Tabs MountingPlateTabs g the Cabinet Bottom Touching the BackFrame 30" (76.2cm) to Cooktop At least 30" (76.2 cm), up to 36"...
  • Page 10: Aligning The Wall Plate

    Installation Instructions ALIGNING THE WALL PLATE j_-_ Draw a Vertical Line on Wall from Centerof Centerline j TopCabinet Notches ,, ....HoleD CAUTION: to avoid cuttil HoleC Area E sharp edges. NOTE: If _Draw a vertical line on the wall at the center of the neither C nor...
  • Page 11: Installation Types

    Installation Instructions I-2-1 INSTALLATION TYPES (Choose A, B or C) This microwave oven is designed for adaptation NOTE: This microwave is shipped assembled for Outside the following three types of ventilation: Top Exhaust (except for non-vented models). Select type of ventilation required for your installation A.
  • Page 12: Outside Top Exhaust

    Installation Instructions OUTSIDE TOP EXHAUST (Vertical Duct) INSTALLATION OVERVIEW AI. Attach Motmtirlg Plate to Wall A2. Prepare Top Cabinet A3. Check Damper Operation "[ MouIrt Microwave Oven A5. Adjust Exhaust Adaptor A6. Connect Ductwork To use toggle bolts: ATTACH THE MOUNTING PLATE TO THE WALL Spacingfor Toggles MoreThanWall...
  • Page 13: Preparation Of Top Cabinet

    Installation Instructions USE TOP CABINET TEMPLATE MOUNT THE MICROWAVE FOR PREPARATION OF TOP OVEN CABINET You need to drill holes for the top support screws, hole large enough for the power cord to fit through, a cutout large enough for the exhaust adaptor.
  • Page 14: Adjust Flae Exhaust Adaptor

    Installation Instructions MOUNT THE MICROWAVE ADJUST THE EXHAUST ADAPTOR OVEN (cont.) Open the top cabilret alrd adjust the exhaust adaptor Cabinet Front to connect to the house duct. Cabinet Bottom Shelf Filler Block Backof BlowerPlate Damper Microwave to Depth of Cabinet -[Equivalent Recess Self-AligningScrew...
  • Page 15: []Outside Back Exhaust

    Installation Instructions OUTSIDE BACK EXHAUST (Horizontal Duct) INSTALLATION OVERVIEW B1. Prepare Rear Wall B2. Remove Exhaust Adaptor Ba. Attach Mounting Plate to Wall B4. Prepare Top Cabinet B5. Adjust Blower B6. Mount tile Microwave Oven IMPORTANT NOTES: • Make sure tile screws for tile blower motor and blower plate are securely tightened when...
  • Page 16: Attach Mounting Plate To Wall

    Installation Instructions USE TOP CABINET TEMPLATE ATTACH THE MOUNTING PLATE TO THE WALL FOR PREPARATION OF TOP CABINET You need to drill holes for the top support screws and a hole large enough for the power cord to fit through. Attach the plate to the wall using...
  • Page 17 Installation Instructions []Place the blower unit back iirto the opening. ADAPTING MICROWAVE BLOWER FOR OUTSIDE BACK EXHAUST (cont.) Rotate blower unit counterclockwise 180 °. BeforeRotation After Rotation CAUTION: Do not pull or stretch the blower unit wiring. Make sure the wires are not pinched, and that they are properly secured.
  • Page 18: Mount The Microwave Oven

    Installation Instructions CabinetFront MOUNT THE MICROWAVE CabinetBottomShelf OVEN FillerBlock to Depth of Cabinet "_Equivalent Recess Self-AligningScrew FOR EASIER INSTALLATION AND PERSONAL MicrowaveOvenTop SAFETY, WE RECOMMEND THAT TWO PEOPLE 1_ Attach the microwave oven to the top cabinet. INSTALL THIS MICROWAVE OVEN, IMPORTANT: grip or use handle...
  • Page 19: [] Recilvulating

    Installation Instructions RECIRCULATING (Non-Vented Ductless) INSTALLATION OVERVIEW CI. Attach Mounting Plate to Wall C2. Prepare Top Cabinet C3. Check Microwave Assembly C4. Adjust Blower C5. Mount the Microwave Oven C6. Install Charcoal Filter IMPORTANT NOTES: • Make sure the screws for the blower motor blower plate...
  • Page 20: Check Microwave Assembly

    Installation Instructions CHECK MICROWAVE ASSEMBLY Carefully pull out the blower unit. The wires will extend fat" enough to allow you to adjust the blower unit. Exhaust Adaptor J" Baok or -_v.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-_-- i_jl Microwave i ..q_ • Place the microwave in its upright position, with the...
  • Page 21: Mount The Microwave Oven

    Installation Instructions NOTE: When mounting ADAPTING MICROWAVE nlicrowave oven, thread BLOWER FOR power cord through hole in RECIRCULATION (cont.) bottom of top cabinet. Kee t) it tight throughout Steps []Lift microwave, tilt 1 3. Do not pinch cord []Place the blower unit back into the opening.
  • Page 22: Installing Tile Charcoal Filter

    Installation Instructions MOUNT THE MICROWAVE INSTALLING OVEN (cont.) CHARCOAL FILTER NOTE: The charcoal filter is factory installed []Insert 2 self-aligning screws recirculating models. Follow these steps to replace through outer top cabinet filter or to install a filter after converting a vented holes.
  • Page 23: Before You Use Your Microwave

    Installation Instructions BEFORE YOU USE YOUR MICROWAVE Make sure the microwave oven has been Read tile Owner's Manual. installed according to instructions. KEEP INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE LOCAL INSPECTOR'S emove all packing material fl'om the USE. lllicrowave ovel-l. F37] Install turntable and ring in cavity.
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