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Using The Pause Key - Frigidaire FMV157G Use & Care Manual

Over-the-range with convenience pad microwave oven
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Using the Pause key

If at anytime your microwave recipe would require that the
food be turned or require you to stop the microwave during
the cooking process you may do so after starting the
microwave with the START/Pause pad.
To pause the microwave during cooking:
1. Touch START/Pause pad once.
2. Touch START/Pause pad again to
resume cooking.
Adding cook time (Plus 30 sec.)
This time-saving feature will let you quickly add 30 seconds
to any cook time already set when cooking at a 100%
power level. This feature may only be used while cooking
and with cook time remaining. Each press of this pad will
add 30 seconds to the cook time.
Example: to add 1 minute of cook time at the default
power level of 100%:
Press Plus 30 sec. pad twice.
Manual Operation
Setting Defrost (by Weight)
Example: to defrost 1lb. of food with the default power
level and cook time determined automatically:
1. Press Defrost pad once. 0.0 will
appear in the display.
2. Use the numeric pads to input weight
of food to defrost in pounds (10 = 1lb.)
You may enter any weight from 0.3 to
3. Press START pad.
When defrosting has finished you will hear 5 beeps and
"Good" will display.
Note: The weight amount must be a valid entry for this
feature to start. A valid weight entry is 0.3 to 6.0 pounds.
Setting Defrost (by Time)
Example: to defrost food with the default 30% power level
for 5 minutes:
1. Press Defrost pad twice. 0:00 will
appear in the display.
2. Use the number pads to enter desired
defrost time (defrost time may be set
up to 99 minutes and 99 seconds).
3. Press START pad.
When heating has finished you will hear 5 beeps and "Good"
will display.
Note: Power levels cannot be changed for both defrost (by
weight) or defrost (by time) because the defrost performance
will be adversely affected.
Special notes for defrosting by time
• After pressing START/Pause key, the display will
count down remaining defrost time. The oven will beep
twice during the defrost cycle. At this time open the door
and turn the food if needed and remove any portions that
have already thawed. Touch the START/Pause key to
resume the defrost cycle.
• When heating has finished you will hear 5 beeps.

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Table of Contents

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