Redialing The Last Number Dialed; Forwarding Calls To Another Phone; Setting Up Call Forwarding From Your Ip Phone; Setting Up Call Forwarding From Your Mobile - Cisco 9951 User Manual

Cloud voice s service, remote extension s video
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CLODU VOICE S Service Remote Extension S (Video) – Cisco 9951 IP Phone

Redialing the Last Number Dialed

Press the Redial soft key

Forwarding Calls to another Phone


Setting up Call Forwarding from your IP Phone

1. Activate - Press the Forward All soft key + destination number
2. Cancel - Press the Forward Off soft key.
Note: If you wish to forward the call to external partner, please remember to add "9"
Tips: To forward all incoming calls to your voicemail, just simply press Forward All

Setting up Call Forwarding from your mobile

1. Dial 2112 1113 to access Remote Call Forwarding hotline.
2. Follow the voice prompts and select the language by pressing „1‟ for
3. Enter your Cloud Voice S number and Cloud Voice S password
4. Enter the destination of number to which you want to forward all of your
5. Similarly, to cancel all call forwarding, please dial 2112 1113 to deactivate
Note: Starter Cloud Voice S Password is your Cloud Voice S number. For security
Version 5.0
before the 8-digits telephone number
and Message button.
Cantonese/ „2‟ for English.
calls (e.g. your mobile).
the call forwarding setting accordingly.
reason, please change your password in a regular basis.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents