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DVD Player DP-5400x
User's Manual and Service Information


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  • Page 1 DVD Player DP-5400x User’s Manual and Service Information...
  • Page 2 3 4 5 6 7 Front View Power ON/OFF button Play/Pause button Switches on the DVD player or switches the Starts or pauses playback of the inserted media. unit off. STOP button Display Stops playback. Shows operation information. Protective cover Í...
  • Page 3 38. Zoom button Enables the slow-motion playback. Enlarges or reduces the picture view. 19. HD/Res button When playing back using an HDMI connection you can set the resolution by pressing the HD/Res button. DP-5400x 20. Program button Displays the program menu.
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    Important Safety Instructions • do not place any fire sources (e.g. burning General candles) on or near the device; • do not introduce any foreign bodies into the device; Before you use this device for the first time, please • the device must not be subject to any great read the following notes in this manual and heed all temperature changes as this may cause warnings, even if you are familiar with handling...
  • Page 5 Cables Maintenance and Care • • Always hold cables by the plug and never pull Servicing is required when this device has been on the cable itself. damaged in any way, for example, when the power plug, power cord or housing is damaged, •...
  • Page 6: Ce Declaration Of Conformity

    Children Intended Use • • Electrical appliances do not belong in the hands This is a consumer electronics device. It may of children! Do not allow children to play with only be used for private use, not industrial or electrical devices when not under supervision. commercial purposes.
  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Important Safety Instructions ......1 Playing Media with Your DVD Player 29 CE Declaration of Conformity ......3 Inserting a DVD/CD ........29 Pausing Playback .......... 29 Introduction .......... 7 Stopping Playback ......... 30 Accessories ............7 Resume Function ...........
  • Page 10: Introduction

    Introduction Accessories Please make sure that the following accessories have been included in the DVD player packaging. Check the package contents carefully, as there may be some accessories under the styrofoam. Package Contents: 1 x Remote Control 2 x Batteries AAA 1.5 V 1 x User’s Manual 1 x SCART cable 1 x AV cable...
  • Page 11: Device And Disc Maintenance And Care

    Audio CD Video CD Super Video CD CD-R with audio/MP3/JPEG/MPEG/WMA contents CD-RW with audio/MP3/JPEG/MPEG/WMA contents MPEG-4 Disks, VOD-Videos, XviD, Kodak Picture-CD, Nero Digital (only for built-in CD/DVD drive, not supported by card reader nor USB) Compatibility of Discs Created on a PC When creating a disc on a PC –...
  • Page 12: Back Panel

    Back Panel 1. Analogue AUDIO L/R 6. HDMI Analogue 2-channel audio output (white/red Digital audio/video output for connecting to ports) to connect a TV set, A/V receiver, the HDMI input of a screen or projector. This beamer or stereo equipment. connection type offers the highest possible picture quality.
  • Page 13: Front Panel Display

    Front Panel Display 1. Disc Type Indicator 4. MP3 File Display Indicates the type of optical disc that has been Indicates that an MP3 file is being played inserted – DVD, SVCD, VCD, CD (Audio from DVD, CD, USB stick or memory card. CD).
  • Page 14: Remote Control

    The DVD player is supplied with a remote control Using the Remote Control unit and the corresponding batteries. For a detailed Your Silvercrest DVD player can be comfortably description of the button layout, see the fold-out controlled via the supplied remote control unit.
  • Page 15: Audio And Video Connectors

    Audio and Video Connectors Prior to starting to use your DVD player you must connect it to a display screen. The type of connection depends on the capabilities of your display screen and of the available cable types. white SVHS Video Stereo Component...
  • Page 16: Video Connections

    Video Connections You can choose between five different video connection types for your Silvercrest DVD player: Composite-Video For normal quality – you will need the supplied audio/video cable with Cinch connectors. S-Video For a better quality requiring a special S-Video cable and a screen with S-Video input (the S-Video cable is not included in the package contents).
  • Page 17 TV. Use the red and white connectors of the audio/video cable. 3. As your Silvercrest DVD player has a fixed power cord, you only need to plug the other end into a wall outlet.
  • Page 18 TV screen’s SCART over the SCART cable. input 2. As your Silvercrest DVD player has a fixed power cord, you only need to plug the other end into a wall outlet. 3. First turn on your TV then turn on the DVD player.
  • Page 19 DVD player’s stereo connectors to the corresponding inputs of your TV. Use the red and white connectors of an audio/video cable. 3. As your Silvercrest DVD player has a fixed power cord, you only need to plug the other end to TV screen’s stereo to TV screen’s S-Video...
  • Page 20 Video Connection to a TV set/Beamer with Component Video Inputs (YCbCr/YPbPr) When using Component Video, the video signal is split into three separate “components”, resulting in a higher picture quality than for S-Video or Composite video. For the Component video output you need a TV screen or beamer featuring three Component video inputs.
  • Page 21 1.Preparation: 4.Using a Progressive-Scan Compatible TV Screen: • First connect the DVD player to your TV screen or beamer by using its Composite video or S- As you have chosen to use the Component video Video inputs, see page 14 or 17. output connector you can alternatively set the video output to be in Progressive Scan mode in order to •...
  • Page 22 DVD player’s stereo connectors to the corresponding inputs of your TV. Use the red and white connectors of an audio/video cable. 3. As your Silvercrest DVD player has a fixed to TV screen’s to TV screen’s power cord, you only need to plug the other end...
  • Page 23: Audio Connections

    Audio Connections Your Silvercrest DVD player features several audio output connectors for connecting an A/V receiver, an active 5.1 speaker system or a TV screen. There are three connection types: Analogue Stereo Output Analogue 5.1 Multi-Channel Output Coaxial and Optical Digital Output...
  • Page 24: Setup Menu

    Setup Menu • To open the DVD player’s Setup menu, press DivX Subtitle the SETUP button (7). Select a character set for your DivX subtitles. The default setting is “Western European”. • Press the arrow buttons 9, 10, 25 and 26 to navigate the Setup menu.
  • Page 25: Picture Settings

    Gray: The subtitles will be displayed on a background. None: No background. Audio: Choose what language will be used for the DVD audio track. If the selected language has not been recorded on the disc, the DVD disc’s default language will be used. AUTO1: The pulldown will be read automatically from the VOB data stream of the PAL DVD.
  • Page 26 Fill: The picture will fit the screen, any contents Component: To connect the DVD player via the surpassing the borders will be truncated. YPbPr (YUV) connectors (1). Original: The contents will be played with the RGB: To connect the DVD player via the SCART same dimensions they were recorded.
  • Page 27: Audio Settings

    Centre Speakers: Audio Settings Here you set if there is any centre speaker at the front in the middle (between the left and right speakers) and what frequency range is to be used to feed it. In Setup menu, press the arrow button “down” 26 to go to the Audio setting and then press the arrow button “right”...
  • Page 28 Subwoofer: Delay Settings: Set whether there is a subwoofer installed. If you have connected an active speaker system to the analogue 5.1 outputs (4) of your DVD player, the moment at which the sound is emitted should be the same for all speakers. For this, measure the distance between your seating position to all the speakers and enter the distances in Setup menu.
  • Page 29 Digital Out: IMPORTANT: This function works only if the DVD player has been connected to the playback You can set the optical (9) and coaxial (7) outputs device via a digital audio line (optical or (SPDIF) according to the requirements of your coaxial).
  • Page 30: Parental Control

    To enable the rating, select the item “Parental Parental Control Control” from the “Rating” OSD menu and enter the password (8888). Confirm by pressing ENTER (11). Retail and rental DVDs include a rating level by age. This rating can also be recorded by the producer of the DVD so that a password is required for playback.
  • Page 31: Miscellaneous

    Miscellaneous DivX Registration / VoD In this menu you can restore the factory-default To display the DivX VOD (Video On Demand) settings of your DVD player. This will bring back registration code of your DVD player, press the the original configuration when you installed the SETUP button (7) and select the Misc menu.
  • Page 32: Playing Media With Your Dvd Player

    (29) button on the remote control. • Power the DVD player, TV set and any other external equipment on. • The DVD player will show the Silvercrest start Pausing Playback screen. • If no disc has been inserted into the DVD player’s disc tray the message “No disc”...
  • Page 33: Stopping Playback

    If such a menu exists on the inserted DVD disc, you Stopping Playback can open it during playback by pressing the MENU button (23) on the remote control. Select the different menu items by using the Direction button on the remote control. Press the PLAY/PAUSE button (6) of the DVD player’s front panel or the •...
  • Page 34: Skip To A Chapter

    Skip to a Chapter Press the PREV (27) and NEXT (28) buttons on the remote control or on the front panel during DVD playback to skip to the beginning of a chapter. Enter either the title or chapter number or the time •...
  • Page 35: Forward/Backward Search

    Forward/Backward Search Slow-Motion Playback To select specific sections during playback, you can You can view the contents of the inserted disc in also use the fast forward/backward search. To do so, slow-motion. To do so, press the SLOW button (18) press the REV (13) or FWD (12) buttons on the on the remote control.
  • Page 36: Zoom

    Zoom Displaying/Hiding Subtitles During disc or file playback you can zoom the If subtitles exist for the inserted disc or file, you can picture in three steps. To do so, press the ZOOM display them during playback by pressing the button (38) on the remote control.
  • Page 37: Changing The Playback Mode

    Changing the Playback Repeating Intervals (A – B) Mode This function can be used to repeatedly play a specific interval of a disc or file. You can change the playback mode of an inserted • During playback, press the A–B button (31) on disc or a file.
  • Page 38: Displaying Disc Or File Information

    RW,DVD+RW discs, USB memory stick as well as Displaying Disc or File CF I, CF II, SD, MS, MSPro, MMC and SM memory cards in the left-hand selection window. Information Movie files are labelled with a movie roll, picture with a camera and music files with musical notes. Furthermore, up to 24 characters of the file name will appear in the left selection field and 25 characters plus file name extension (e.g.
  • Page 39: Using Memory Cards/Usb Stick With Mp3/Wma/Mpeg-4 (Xvid)/Jpeg Files

    Mode DVD player has been connected properly to the TV, the Silvercrest start screen will be • Normal: The disc will be played in the default shown.
  • Page 40: Special Features For Picture Playback

    Special Features for Picture Special Features for MP3 Playback Playback Your player can display JPEG files. Insert a disc or Your player can play MP3 music files. Insert a disc insert the corresponding memory media. The File or insert the corresponding memory media. The File Browser will appear showing the picture files in the Browser will appear showing the music files in the left-hand selection window.
  • Page 41 The right-hand button “Rip quality” can be used to set the quality of the conversion. Choose between “Best”(320Kbit/s), “High”(192Kbit/s) and “Normal”(128Kbit/s). You can convert the titles of a non-copy-protected Audio CD into MP3 files and store them onto a memory card or USB memory stick. To do so, insert the desired CD and the desired storage media (memory card or memory stick).
  • Page 42: Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications Power supply 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz Power consumption On/Standby <= 20 W / < 1 W Weight 2.3 kg (net weight of the player, without any accessories) Size 430 x 260 x 38 mm (Player) Colour system PAL/AUTO/NTSC Laser CD: 780 nm;...
  • Page 45 TARGA GmbH Lange Wende 41 59494 Soest Germany

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