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Epson Perfection 636U User Manual

Epson perfection 636u: user guide.
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   Summary of Contents for Epson Perfection 636U

  • Page 1: Scanner Basics

    Scanner Basics CPD-8119...

  • Page 2: Copyright Notice

    SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION. The information contained herein is designed only for use with this EPSON scanner. EPSON is not responsible for any use of this information as applied to other scanners.

  • Page 3: Fcc Compliance Statement

    This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio or television reception.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Windows 98 iMac Year 2000 Ready Important Safety Instructions SETTING UP YOUR SCANNER Unpack Your Scanner Choose a Good Place for Your Scanner Unlock the Scanner Connect the Scanner to Your Computer Installing the Optional Equipment Transparency Unit Auto Document Feeder...

  • Page 5

    Scaling (Resizing) Images One-Touch Scanning Batch Scanning Step-by-Step Scanning Instructions Placing Your Original Document Scanning Photographs with Adobe PhotoDeluxe and EPSON TWAIN VIEWING YOUR ELECTRONIC MANUALS Copying a Manual to Your Hard Drive Navigating a Manual SCANNER MAINTENANCE Scanning Something That Doesn’t Fit Under the Document Cover...

  • Page 6: A Complete Scanning Solution

    The “plug & play” USB connection is fast and easy with no extra hardware to install. Using EPSON’s ColorTrue captures your images with amazing detail and accurate colors. Your scanner can achieve up to 600 2400 dpi hardware resolution with EPSON’s proprietary Micro ™ Step Drive technology, delivering the kind of crisp, precise images you’d normally...

  • Page 7: About Your Software

    About Your Software The EPSON Perfection 636U scanner includes these leading-edge applications for professional-quality scans: EPSON TWAIN Driver The scanning utility for producing professional quality images. Ideal for scanning text into OCR programs. Includes Text Enhancement Technology (TET) for more accurate OCR scanning and Auto Area Segmentation (AAS) to separate text from background colors.

  • Page 8: About Your Documentation

    It also includes instructions for viewing your electronic manuals and installing the optional equipment. For details on using the scanner software, see your electronic EPSON TWAIN User’s Guide. For additional maintenance and troubleshooting information, and scanner specifications, see your electronic EPSON Perfection 636U Reference Guide.

  • Page 9: System Requirements

    System Requirements The minimum system requirements for Windows and iMac are listed below. For optimum performance, a faster processor and more memory are recommended. If you are scanning high resolution images, you need more than the minimum available hard disk space listed. Windows 98 ®...

  • Page 10: Imac

    These extensions are automatically installed during EPSON TWAIN installation. Year 2000 Ready Your EPSON scanner is Year 2000 Ready. However, be sure the other parts of your computer system are also ready for the year 2000. ™ 2.X color management system and...

  • Page 11: Important Safety Instructions

    Unplug the scanner before cleaning. Clean with a damp cloth only. Do not spill liquid on the scanner. Do not place the scanner on an unstable surface or near a radiator or heat source. Do not block or cover the openings in the scanner’s cabinet. Do not insert objects through the slots.

  • Page 12: Setting Up Your Scanner

    Setting Up Your Scanner Setting up your scanner is easy—just follow the simple steps in this book in the order listed below. 1. Unpack and choose a place for your scanner. 2. Unlock the scanner. 3. Connect the scanner to your computer.

  • Page 13: Choose A Good Place For Your Scanner

    Choose a Good Place for Your Scanner Here are some points to consider: Place the scanner on a flat, stable surface. If the scanner is tilted, it can’t operate properly. Make sure to place the scanner where you can easily unplug the power cord, and where the USB cable can reach your computer.

  • Page 14: Unlock The Scanner

    Always lock the scanner carriage before transporting it; otherwise, the scanner may be damaged. Be sure the scanner lamp is in the home position (toward the back of the scanner). To ensure this, always turn off the scanner before locking the carriage.

  • Page 15: Connect The Scanner To Your Computer

    USB hub. Your system may not work correctly if you use a USB cable other than the one supplied by EPSON or if you connect your scanner through more than one hub. 4. Plug in the power cables for your computer, scanner, and other USB devices.

  • Page 16: Installing The Optional Equipment

    Installing the Optional Equipment There are two options available for the EPSON Perfection 636U: a transparency unit (B813132) and an auto document feeder (B813142). This section includes basic information on unpacking and installing the options. For instructions on using the optional equipment, see your electronic EPSON Perfection 636U Reference Guide and EPSON TWAIN User’s Guide.

  • Page 17: Auto Document Feeder

    Remove the protective materials from the ADF. Keep all the packing materials so you can use them for storage when you are using the auto document feeder. If any items are missing or damaged, contact your EPSON dealer. on/off switch auto document feeder...

  • Page 18: Installing The Auto Document Feeder

    Installing the Auto Document Feeder 1. Make sure your scanner is turned off. 2. Remove your scanner’s document cover by lifting the back straight up. 3. Make sure the document table is clean and dust free. 4. Insert the hinges on the ADF into the outer square holes at the back of the scanner and close the ADF.

  • Page 19: Power On Your System

    Power On Your System Always turn your scanner on before you turn on the computer. Otherwise, the computer may not recognize your EPSON scanner when you install your software. The operate light on the top of the scanner blinks as the scanner initializes.

  • Page 20

    3. Select the Search for the best driver option, then click for your device Next 4. Make sure only the CD-ROM drive check box is selected, then click Next 5. Click to continue with the Next driver installation. 6. Depending on your system, you may be asked to insert the Windows 98 CD-ROM.

  • Page 21

    7. After the scanner software installation is complete, the EPSON Screen Calibration utility automatically starts. You must calibrate your screen and scanner to reproduce images closely matching the originals. You don’t need to change the screen calibration again so long as you continue to use the same monitor.

  • Page 22: If You're Using An Imac

    2. Insert the scanner software CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive. (If necessary, double-click the EPSON CD-ROM icon to open it.) 3. Double-click the 4. The EPSON screen and software License Agreement screen appear. After reading the license agreement, click and continue with step 2.

  • Page 23

    6. Before the software is installed, you see the following screen. If you already installed the iMac Update or if you are using Mac OS 8.5, click 7. When the EPSON TWAIN Installer screen appears, click installation. 8. When the scanner software installation is...

  • Page 24

    If you need to recalibrate your screen at a later time, select Screen Calibration in the EPSON Scanner folder. 11. Now you can install your creative software and view your electronic manuals as described on page 20.

  • Page 25: Install The Creative Software And Electronic Manuals

    Check the CD-ROM label to make sure you have the correct CD-ROM for your operating system. Be sure any virus protection programs are turned off. 1. Insert the scanner software CD-ROM in your CD-ROM drive. 2. Windows: Click , where...

  • Page 26

    If any of the software you installed requires a restart and you did not restart when you installed the software, you should restart your computer now. button BACK Electronic Documentation EXIT ® . If you do BACK icon. EPSON Installer to quit the installer.

  • Page 27: How To Scan

    You have to start this application before you can access your scanner software. Once you’ve started your application, you need to select the scanner “source” you want to scan with. Your EPSON Perfection 636U scanner comes with the EPSON TWAIN driver. You need to select this driver as the source in your application.

  • Page 28

    Select your scanner source This is the scanner driver you’re using. Your scanner comes with EPSON TWAIN. Determine what the final output will be How you’re going to use your scanned image determines some of the settings you select.

  • Page 29: Selecting Settings

    Selecting Settings Here is a brief overview of the scanning steps using EPSON TWAIN. When you select EPSON TWAIN 3 window. The following window is the Advanced window in Windows 98 (the iMac steps are the same); there is also an Easy window with just the basic settings. Detailed steps are given in “Step-by-Step Scanning Instructions”...

  • Page 30

    If you are enlarging your image, you must manually increase the resolution (dpi) proportionally to maintain the resolution of your original. If you are scanning between 1201 and 2400 dpi, EPSON recommends you keep your scan area to 4 11.7 inches to maintain true hardware resolution. Above 2400 dpi, you will be using software interpolation to increase the resolution.

  • Page 31: Tips For Getting The Best Scan

    100 dpi with a 300 dpi laser printer, and up to 200 dpi with a 600 dpi laser printer. For 1440 dpi ink jet printers, such as the EPSON Stylus COLOR or Photo series, use a scanning resolution of approximately 300 dpi. Try a scanning resolution of 240 dpi for 720 dpi printing.

  • Page 32: Scaling (resizing) Images

    The EPSON Perfection 636U’s maximum hardware resolution of 600 2400 dpi is achieved through EPSON’s advanced Micro Step Drive technology. This technology enables the EPSON Perfection 636U to achieve a maximum sub-scan or vertical resolution of 1200 dpi or 2400 dpi using “half-stepping” and “quarter-stepping” of the scanning carriage to double and quadruple the optical resolution.

  • Page 33: Step-by-step Scanning Instructions

    This section contains step-by-step instructions for using the scanner drivers and creative software in Windows 98 and iMac. For more details on using the scanner software, see the EPSON TWAIN User’s Guide on your CD-ROM. For instructions on using the creative software, see your application’s electronic manual (“Viewing Your Electronic Manuals”...

  • Page 34: Scanning Photographs With Adobe Photodeluxe And Epson Twain

    Scanning Photographs with Adobe PhotoDeluxe and EPSON TWAIN This example explains how to scan a photograph using the EPSON TWAIN scanner driver and Adobe PhotoDeluxe. For more information on how to use EPSON TWAIN or Adobe PhotoDeluxe, see their electronic user’s guides.

  • Page 35

    7. Make the changes you want to adjust the image, then click the scan your image. The operate light on the top of the scanner blinks for several seconds while it’s scanning. In a few moments, the scanned image is imported into Adobe PhotoDeluxe.

  • Page 36: Viewing Your Electronic Manuals

    CD-ROM and then the manual you selected opens. Your scanner software CD-ROM includes the following manuals: EPSON Perfection 636U Reference Guide (636Uref.pdf) EPSON TWAIN User’s Guide (636Utwain.pdf) Adobe PhotoDeluxe Home Edition User’s Guide (Windows, PhotoDeluxe.pdf) or Adobe PhotoDeluxe 2.0 User’s Guide (iMac, PhotoDeluxe.pdf)

  • Page 37: Navigating A Manual

    The manuals for some software applications are automatically copied to your hard drive when you install the software. You can access these manuals by clicking Start, Programs, the program name, then the manual name. Navigating a Manual When you open an electronic manual, you’ll see this toolbar: Show bookmarks and page With Acrobat Reader, you have several ways to navigate through text: Click on hot topics, which are usually underlined or displayed in a different color.

  • Page 38: Scanner Maintenance

    Scanning Something That Doesn’t Fit Under the Document Cover The self-adjusting scanner cover allows you to place thick documents on the document table glass without removing the cover. If your document is too thick to fit under the cover—such as a photo in an album—...

  • Page 39: Transporting The Scanner

    (toward the back of the scanner). Then turn off the scanner. If the position, slowly raise the front of the scanner and hold it up until the carriage comes to rest in the home position. Then turn the transportation lock to the locked position.

  • Page 40: Cleaning The Scanner

    Cleaning the Scanner To keep your scanner operating at its best, you should clean it periodically. Before cleaning, unplug the power cord. Use a soft cloth to clean the outer case with mild detergent dissolved in water. If the document table glass gets dirty, clean it with a soft, dry cloth. If the glass is stained with grease or other hard-to-remove material, use a small amount of glass cleaner on a soft cloth to remove it.

  • Page 41: Problems? Need Help

    “Problems and Solutions” on page 38. For more troubleshooting tips, see the “Troubleshooting” sections of your electronic EPSON TWAIN User’s Guide and EPSON Perfection 636U Reference Guide. Identifying Scanner Parts Here are the parts of your scanner:...

  • Page 42: Light And Buttons

    Operate Lets you scan directly to an application with one touch. You must set Start up the scanner monitor and a compatible application to use this button. See your EPSON TWAIN User’s Guide for more information. operate light Start button...

  • Page 43: Problems And Solutions

    Then open and close the scanner monitoring utility to manually check for the scanner (see “Enabling Scanner Monitoring” in your EPSON TWAIN User’s Guide). If you still see the message, turn off your scanner, then turn it on again, and restart your system.

  • Page 44: Software Problems

    If you’re using the transparency unit, make sure it is turned on. Software Problems If you can’t open the EPSON TWAIN driver . . . Check the USB cable connection. Also, make sure the scanner’s operate light is on. The scanner must be turned on before you start your computer.

  • Page 45: Scanning Problems

    6 through 9 below. 6. iMac: Read the next screen, then click INSTALL 7. iMac: At the EPSON TWAIN Readme screen, click you installed the iMac Update or if you are using Mac OS 8.5. 8. iMac: On the TWAIN Installer...

  • Page 46

    . . . Check the position and condition of your document. Make sure the document is placed flat against the scanner’s document table glass. If only part of the image is blurred, part of your document may be wrinkled or warped.

  • Page 47

    If the edges of the document are not scanned . . . Check the position of your source document. Adjust your document’s position so that the image is within the glass area. If your image scans at an angle . . . Check the position of your source document.

  • Page 48: Where To Get Help

    Access EPSON For pre-recorded answers to commonly asked questions about SoundAdvice EPSON products 24 hours a day, seven days a week, call (800) 922-8911. EPSON FaxAdvice Access EPSON’s technical information library by calling (800) 922-8911. You must provide a return fax number to use this service.

  • Page 49: Software Technical Support

    Product serial number (located on the back of the scanner) Computer configuration Description of the problem You can purchase genuine EPSON supplies and accessories from EPSON Accessories at (800) 873-7766 or visit our web site at (U.S. sales only). In Canada, please call (800) 873-7766 for dealer referral.

  • Page 50: Index

    Driver, selecting, 24 to 25 EPSON Accessories, 11, 44 help, 43 to 44 File size, 40 Help EPSON, 43 to 44 software, 44 Home position, 9, 34 Image quality problems, 40 to 42 Installing creative software and electronic manuals, 20 to 21...

  • Page 51

    Text Enhancement Technology (TET), 2 Text, scanning, 25 Thick documents, 33 Transparency unit, 11 to 12 Transparency, scanning, 25 Transportation lock, 9, 37 Transporting the scanner, 34 Troubleshooting image quality, 40 to 42 scanner, 38 setup, 38 software, 39 Unlocking the scanner, 9...

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