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Epson PSB.2003.04.003 User Manual

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All EPSON Scanners
Windows™ and Macintosh® Operating System requirements for USB 1.1/2.0
and IEEE-1394/FireWire® Interface connectivity
This bulletin was created to inform customers of EPSON America's support policy regarding
Windows™ and Macintosh® operating system requirements for USB 1.1/2.0 and IEEE-
1394/FireWire® interface connectivity.
Currently, there are many add-in USB 2.0 and IEEE-1394 connection host adapter products on the
market that include drivers for Windows and Macintosh OS that did not originally support specific
interfaces. Epson has released several scanner products with built-in USB 2.0 and/or IEEE-1394
(FireWire) ports. This document provides a guideline on EPSON America's support policy on the
various operating systems and the interface connections they support. EPSON technical support
representatives will only be able to support customers who have Epson products that are configured
in accordance with the operating system requirements outlined here and in the product's
documentation. Epson customers experiencing problems on an Epson product connected to an add-
in USB 2.0 or IEEE-1394 interface that does not meet the minimum system requirements will be
asked to contact the interface product vendor or computer manufacturer for technical support.
This document is not model specific. It does not include other important system requirements
required to determine product compatibility on a user's computer. To determine product support
compatibility, please refer to the specific scanner's minimum system requirements found on the
outside of the product box, or visit Epson's web site at
The guidelines below were compiled from Microsoft's and Apple's Support websites and their
published system requirements for supported interface connectivity. For more information on
Windows and Macintosh Interface support please refer to Microsoft's online Knowledge base at
interface products please refer to the vendor's documentation or product support web site.
USB 1.1: Full version Microsoft Windows 98/98 Second Edition, Windows Me, Windows 2000 or
Windows XP or Upgrade from a full version of Windows 98/98SE, Me, 2000
IEEE-1394 (FireWire): Full versions of Windows Me/2000/XP, or upgrade from a full version of
Windows 98/98SE. Host computer must have an OHCI compliant IEEE-1394-1995 card or port
USB 2.0 Hi-Speed: Full versions of Windows XP or upgrade from a full version of Windows 98/98SE,
Me, 2000. Host computer must have an EHCI compliant USB 2.0 Hi-Speed card or port installed.
or Apple's web site at For information on add-in 3
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Summary of Contents for Epson PSB.2003.04.003

  • Page 1 EPSON technical support representatives will only be able to support customers who have Epson products that are configured in accordance with the operating system requirements outlined here and in the product’s documentation.
  • Page 2: Important Notes

    2.) For Windows 2000 or XP you must be logged in as an administrator or as a user with administrator rights before you can install and use EPSON software. USB hubs must be self-powered and connected in a first-tier configuration for reliability Macintosh OS USB 1.1: Apple Macintosh computer (G3, G4, or iMac) with built-in USB port, running Mac®...
  • Page 3 You must install Smart Panel from its own folder. Start your computer in 9.2.1. From the Software CD open the Smart Panel folder. Click on the Epson Smart Panel Installer icon to install. Before you can launch Smart Panel you must install the Stylus Scan Updater. The file can be downloaded from the Epson web site.
  • Page 4 Twain Driver Installation: 1. Start your computer in 9.2.1. 2. Install the Twain driver. 3. Connect and power on the scanner. 4. Restart your computer in OS 10.1 5. Start Classic Launch your scanning application Page 2 of 2...
  • Page 5 Subject: Links to PageManager Patches This bulletin provides information and links to patches for Newsoft’s Presto PageManager software that is included with several of Epson scanner products. The links provide instant access to the patch files on Newsoft’s web site.
  • Page 6 Subject: Compatibility Chart for Macintosh OS X Classic This bulletin provides information on compatibility for EPSON Scanners, Digital Cameras, and Stylus Scan Series devices running in Macintosh OS X Classic mode. Mac OS X provides the Classic environment mode for Mac OS 9 compatible applications and device drivers.
  • Page 7 Digital Camera Notes: EPSON Photo! 3 must be installed in a true Mac OS 9.1 environment. It cannot be installed in Mac OS X Classic mode. After installation, restart the computer in OS X, start Classic, then launch Photo! 3.