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Cordless Terminal User's Guide
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Please cooperate with recycling of a lithium ion battery.
NEC Infrontia Corporation
A50-013716-002 Issue 2.0
Cordless Terminal User's Guide
- Before using your product, read this User's Guide thoroughly to ensure
correct handling.
- After reading the User's Guide, keep it in a place that is accessible for
read reference.
DTL-12BT-1( )( ) TEL
BCH-L( )( ) UNIT


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for NEC DTL-12BT-1 series

  • Page 1 - Before using your product, read this User’s Guide thoroughly to ensure correct handling. Please cooperate with recycling of a lithium ion battery. - After reading the User’s Guide, keep it in a place that is accessible for read reference. A50-013716-002 Issue 2.0 NEC Infrontia Corporation 2008.7...
  • Page 2 NEC Infrontia Corporation reserves the right to change the specifications, functions, or features, at any time, without notice. NEC Infrontia Corporation has prepared this document for use by its employees and customers. The information contained herein is the property of NEC Infrontia Corporation and shall not be reproduced without prior written approval from NEC Infrontia Corporation.
  • Page 3: Warning

    Warning Warning ◆ Do not use the unit if you notice smoke, a strange smell or other unusual happenings. It may cause fire if you continuously use it. Turn off the power switch of the phone system immediately. For the recharger, disconnect the power plug immediately. Confirm that smoke has ceased, and then contact your dealer.
  • Page 4 Warning ◆ Do not damage, or modify the power adapter cord. Do not kink, pull, twist, or bundle it. Do not put a heavy object onto it. Do not heat it. It may cause fire, electrical shock, or system malfunction. Contact your dealer if you have a damaged adapter cord. ◆...
  • Page 5: User Safety Protocol

    User Safety Protocol User Safety Protocol Important:Read this information before using your DTL-12BT-1( )( ) TEL and BCH-L ( )( ) UNIT. Read the following instructions to use this product safely and to prevent you and other people from possible injury, and to protect properties. Improper handling may cause overheating, explosion, and fire.
  • Page 6: Fcc Portion

    FCC Portion FCC Portion This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.
  • Page 7: Industry Canada Portion

    Industry Canada Portion Industry Canada Portion Canada Regulatory Compliance Statement This Class B digital apparatus complies with Canadian ICES-003. Cet appareil numériqué de la classe B est conformé à la norme NMB-003 du Canada. For Customers in Canada This device complies with RSS 210 of Industry Canada (IC). Operation is subject to the following two conditions: ・this device may not cause interference, and ・this device must accept any interference, including interference that may cause...
  • Page 8: Eu Portion

    M e m b e r S t a t e s s h a l l e n s u r e t h a t t h e Por medio de la presente NEC Infrontia declara manufacturer or the person responsible for ®...
  • Page 9 Dyrektywie 1999/5/EC. 5/ΕΚ. Português [Portuguese] ® Français [French] NEC Infrontia declara que este Bluetooth ® Par la présente NEC Infrontia déclare que Handset (BTH) and Bluetooth Cradle (BTC) ® l'appareil Bluetooth Handset (BTH) and está conforme com os requisitos essenciais e ®...
  • Page 10: Introduction

    Introduction Introduction Thank you very much for purchasing our cordless terminal. Devices covered < > ・DTL-12BT-1( )( ) TEL ・BCH-L( )( ) UNIT A cordless terminal is a multifunctional terminal with a portable handset that lets you originate calls and answer terminating calls from within a certain talking range. A standard multifunctional terminal may have its handset replaced with a BCH-L( )( ) UNIT to transform into a cordless terminal.
  • Page 11: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Table of Contents Warning ..................... i User Safety Protocol ............... iii FCC Portion ..................iv Industry Canada Portion ..............v EU Portion Introduction ................... viii How This Guide Is Organized ................viii Table of Contents ................ix Before Using the Product ..........
  • Page 12: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents ® Operation Following Power Feeding to the Bluetooth terminal ..... 1-17 Component Names and Functions ..........1-18 ® Bluetooth terminal ..................1-18 ® Bluetooth Handset ..................1-19 ® Bluetooth Handset LCD Screen ..........1-20 Displayed Information ..................1-20 Explanations of Icons ..................
  • Page 13: Before Using The Product

    Before Using the Product About Cordless Terminals ..........1-2 Safety Precautions ............1-10 Operating Instructions and Maintenance ....... 1-14 Component Names and Functions ......... 1-18 ® Bluetooth Handset LCD Screen ........1-20 ® Adjusting the Bluetooth Handset ........ 1-24 Configuring the Cordless Terminal ....... 1-25 Transforming the Standard Handset into a BCH-L( )( ) UNIT ..........
  • Page 14: About Cordless Terminals

    About Cordless Terminals About Cordless Terminals ® A cordless terminal is a multifunctional terminal that interconnects its Bluetooth Terminal ® ® and Bluetooth handset with each other using Bluetooth wireless technology to maintain calls or perform other operations between them. Bluetooth Terminal and Bluetooth Handset...
  • Page 15 About Cordless Terminals Function Description Bluetooth Bluetooth * For the latest recommended product information, please ® ® Terminal headset call consult with your system provider for a list of compatible headsets. * Try to use a recommended headset to ensure that it connects to the cradle successfully and with the correctly matched sound volume.
  • Page 16: Talking Range

    About Cordless Terminals Function Description Bluetooth Terminal Allows you to originate calls to an extension or central ® Handset function office line, answer terminating calls and more, all in Bluetooth ® handset operations. Hold/Transfer Places calls on hold and forward them to another terminal. Histories of Displays up to 10 originating and up to 10 terminating calls originating and...
  • Page 17: Charging

    About Cordless Terminals Charging Before you use the Bluetooth ® handset for the first time or using the handset after it has been left out of use for a long time, charge it for at least 5 hours. (Full charging takes about 16 hours to complete.) A fully charged handset will allow you to talk for about 8 hours continuously and stand by for about 30 hours if low-power mode is enabled or for about 15 hours if low-power mode is disabled.
  • Page 18: Replacing The Battery

    • There is a danger of explosion if the battery is incorrectly replaced. • Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by NEC. Return old batteries to the battery supplier, a licensed battery dealer or a designated collection facility.
  • Page 19: In The Event Of A Power Failure

    About Cordless Terminals In the Event of a Power Failure Your cordless terminal will behave in the following manners: ・The charging function is shut down to keep the system battery from draining depending on your system. ・The cordless terminal may be disabled depending on the system battery voltage. ・The cordless terminal is disabled if the system battery is exhausted.
  • Page 20: Primary Specifications

    About Cordless Terminals Primary Specifications Item Dimension Remarks ® ® Bluetooth version Bluetooth version 2.0 ® Radio interface Bluetooth Class1 (1mW to 100mW) ® Installed profiles Bluetooth Handset (BTH) ・GAP : Generic Access Profile ・SPP : Serial Port Profile ® Bluetooth Cradle (BTC) * For the latest information on...
  • Page 21 Bluetooth SIG, ® Inc. and any use of such marks by NEC Infrontia Corporation is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners 1 - 9...
  • Page 22: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions Safety Precautions This User’s Guide uses various pictorial markings to alert you to the precautions you need to observe to safeguard you and others and prevent property damage. The meanings of such pictorial markings and graphic symbols are defined below. Understand these definitions fully before proceeding to read the main text.
  • Page 23 Safety Precautions DANGER ● Observe these precautions when using a lithium-ion battery pack: ・ Only charge the pack from the main unit. ・ The lithium-ion battery pack has a specified connecter orientation. When inserting the pack into the unit, observe the correct connecter orientation. ・...
  • Page 24 Safety Precautions WARNING ● Do not disassemble or tamper the unit. This could result in fires or electrical shock hazards. ● Do not allow water inside the lithium-ion battery pack or allow it to come into contact with water. This could cause the pack to short-circuit, resulting in fires or electrical shock hazards.
  • Page 25 Safety Precautions CAUTION ● Do not place the unit in a location which is liable to have frequent vibration or impact. This could cause the unit to fall, resulting in physical injury. ● Be careful not to let the antenna of a cordless telephone stick into your eyes by mistake.
  • Page 26: Operating Instructions And Maintenance

    Operating Instructions and Maintenance Operating Instructions and Maintenance In using cordless terminals, take notice of these instructions in particular. Maintenance Environment Locating the Bluetooth Terminal ® ・If multiple cordless terminals are installed, keep At least 1m apart their Bluetooth terminals at least 1m apart from ®...
  • Page 27: Antenna

    Operating Instructions and Maintenance Antenna Put the antenna of the Bluetooth ® terminal in an upright position while in use. The antenna will bend or break if it is given undue force. Radio Transmission Cordless terminals may not work or may be affected by interference if they are used near a broadcasting station or near sources of intense radio transmission, such as ham radio and CB radio.
  • Page 28: Radio Interference

    Operating Instructions and Maintenance Tips on Radio Transmission The working frequency band of this device is shared by industrial, scientific and medical equipment, such as microwave ovens, premises radio stations that are typically used in manufacturing lines at plants for mobile identification (radio stations that require licensing) and specified low-power radio stations (license-free radio stations).
  • Page 29: Charging Terminals

    Operating Instructions and Maintenance Charging Terminals Keep the charging terminals of the Bluetooth ® cradle and Bluetooth ® handset always clean. Wipe dust off the charging terminals with a dry cotton swab at least once a month or rub them with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol.
  • Page 30: Component Names And Functions

    Component Names and Functions Component Names and Functions The names and functions of the components of a cordless terminal are shown below. ® Bluetooth Terminal Large lamp Indicates the status of a terminating call. Antenna Exit Help Recall Feature Answer PQRS WXYZ Transfer...
  • Page 31: Bluetooth ® Handset

    Component Names and Functions ® Bluetooth Handset Headset jack Incoming call/ Back Right charging lamp Accepts a wire side headset. (with Indicates the status a cover) of a terminating call and the status of charging. Cursor key LCD screen (with backlight) Displays various information Volume up/down key: according to the status of the...
  • Page 32 ® Bluetooth Handset LCD Screen ® Bluetooth Handset LCD Screen The Bluetooth ® handset LCD screen displays certain information as described below according to the status of the terminal. For information about the Bluetooth terminal LCD ® screen, refer to the manual that comes with your system. Displayed Information The new terminal mode screen shows an example for when your system is Aspire X.
  • Page 33: Bluetooth ® Handset Lcd Screen

    ® Bluetooth Handset LCD Screen ▼ If an Originating or Terminating Call History Is Displayed If an originating or terminating call history is displayed, the history number of a call and date and time are displayed, along with the remote party’s name or telephone number. (P.2-3) <Originating call history>...
  • Page 34: Explanations Of Icons

    ® Bluetooth Handset LCD Screen Explanations of Icons The table below summarizes the explanations of the icons that appear on the first and fourth lines in the LCD screen. Icon Explanation Antenna High Indicates the strength of radio transmission between marks the Bluetooth terminal and Bluetooth...
  • Page 35 ® Bluetooth Handset LCD Screen Icon Explanation Line key status Indicates the numbers of active line keys. display Some icons may not be displayed depending on your system. Caution 1 - 23...
  • Page 36: Adjusting The Bluetooth ® Handset

    ® Adjusting the Bluetooth Handset ® Adjusting the Bluetooth Handset You can adjust the volumes of various tones and the display density of the Bluetooth ® handset using the up and down cursor keys. ▼ Adjusting the Receiver Volume You can adjust the volume of the voice that is heard from the handset.
  • Page 37: Configuring The Cordless Terminal

    Configuring the Cordless Terminal Configuring the Cordless Terminal ® Configuring the Bluetooth Terminal Start configuring Bluetooth ® device from the Bluetooth ® terminal setup menu. The following operation is an example. Display content may vary depending on Caution connected terminal and your system. ・Press the Menu button.
  • Page 38 Configuring the Cordless Terminal Setting Menu display Explanation ([ ] default) Visibility [1. Disable] • Always set to “Disable”. 2. Enable BT Information You can view the following kinds of information about the Bluetooth ® terminal: • Firmware Version • Hardware Version •...
  • Page 39: Configuring The Bluetooth ® Handset

    Configuring the Cordless Terminal ® Configuring the Bluetooth Handset On the Bluetooth ® handset while in standby mode, press the [HOLD] > [TRF] keys and then press dial keys (1) to (6) to see a Setup Screen associated with the dial key pressed. The table below lists the setting of each item.
  • Page 40 Configuring the Cordless Terminal ® ▼ Key Operations at Setup (Bluetooth Handset) Description Cursor • Moves up the highlighted item. keys • Raises the volume or density. Down • Moves down the highlighted item. • Lowers the volume or density. Left •...
  • Page 41: Transforming The Standard Handset Into

    Transforming the Standard Handset into a BCH-L( )( ) UNIT Transforming the Standard Handset into a BCH-L( )( ) UNIT The BCH-L( )( ) UNIT is an optional device that transforms the standard multifunctional terminal into a cordless terminal. This section explains how to transform the standard handset into a BCH-L( )( ) UNIT.
  • Page 42 Transforming the Standard Handset into a BCH-L( )( ) UNIT Release lugs a and b on the stopper from grooves A and B in the tilt legs and widen the tilt legs. Stopper Tilt leg Slide the tilt legs to front out of position while pushing claws c and 1 - 30...
  • Page 43 Transforming the Standard Handset into a BCH-L( )( ) UNIT Tilt the standard handset cradle stopper towards the cradle until it is released with a click. Slide the standard handset cradle farther away to remove. Remove the cradle connecting cable from the terminal unit connecter.
  • Page 44 Transforming the Standard Handset into a BCH-L( )( ) UNIT ® Slide the Bluetooth cradle. Stopper Multifunctional terminal unit Attach the removed side panel to the standard handset cradle. Bluetooth cradle Unit connecter Cradle connecting cable ® Push the Bluetooth cradle until the stopper clicks into position.
  • Page 45 Transforming the Standard Handset into a BCH-L( )( ) UNIT Detach the rubber-like connecter cover of the bottom unit connecter on the multifunctional terminal. Connecter cover Multifunctional terminal Insert the claws at the lower part of the bottom unit connected to ®...
  • Page 46 Transforming the Standard Handset into a BCH-L( )( ) UNIT ® Uncover the bottom unit mounted in the Bluetooth cradle while holding its knob. Stow the extra length of the bottom unit connecting cable at the bottom unit connecter and close the cover. Knob Bluetooth cladle...
  • Page 47 Transforming the Standard Handset into a BCH-L( )( ) UNIT ® ® Place the Bluetooth handset in the Bluetooth cradle. ® Erect the antenna of the Bluetooth cradle. Antenna Bluetooth handset Bluetooth cradle The transformation of the standard handset into a BCH-L( )( ) UNIT is complete.
  • Page 48: Connecting A Headset

    Connecting a Headset Connecting a Headset The following kinds of headsets can be used with a cordless terminal: ・Bluetooth Terminal side : Bluetooth headset, corded headset ® ® ・Bluetooth ® Handset side : Corded headset The method of connecting each headset is as follows. ®...
  • Page 49 Connecting a Headset ® On the Bluetooth screen, select [1. Pairing Mode] > [1. Pairing] > ® [1. -- Bluetooth Headset --] in this order and select a Bluetooth ® headset to pair with from a list of Bluetooth devices located. It takes approximately one minute for locating.
  • Page 50: Connecting A Corded Headset

    Connecting a Headset ▼ Visibility Setting Always set to “Disable”. Connecting a Corded Headset You can connect a corded headset to the Bluetooth ® handset. For the latest information on recommended the corded headset, please consult with your system provider for a list of compatible headsets. Insert the headset plug firmly into the headset jack (bearing the mark in the cover) on the right side of the Bluetooth...
  • Page 51: Using The Belt Clip

    Connecting a Headset Using the Belt clip Belt clip installation ® The belt clip allows you to attach the Bluetooth handset to a belt. ® Insert the belt clip into the three holes on each side of the Bluetooth handset, and press it down until it clicks.
  • Page 52 Connecting a Headset 1 - 40...
  • Page 53: Bluetooth ® Handset Operations

    ® Bluetooth Handset Operations Caution ................2-2 ® Bluetooth Handset Functions ........2-3 2 - 1...
  • Page 54: Caution

    Caution Caution Take notice of these instructions when operating a cordless terminal: ・Cordless terminals take a certain length of time before they enable you to talk. Cordless terminals also take some time before switching a call originated by on-hook dialing to the Bluetooth ®...
  • Page 55: Bluetooth ® Handset Functions

    ® Bluetooth Handset Functions ® Bluetooth Handset Functions Key Lock You can lock the Bluetooth ® handset keys to disable them from being tampered with. ▼ How To Enable the Key Lock Press the Transfer key for 2 seconds. A key lock icon appears in the LCD screen.
  • Page 56 ® Bluetooth Handset Functions 2 - 4...
  • Page 57: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Tips ............3-2 3 - 1...
  • Page 58: Troubleshooting Tips

    Troubleshooting Tips Troubleshooting Tips If you suspect a failure, try the actions recommended in the table below first. If the problem persists or the symptom you are experiencing is not listed here, call your dealer and request service. Symptom Point to check Action Shut down completely •...
  • Page 59 Troubleshooting Tips Symptom Point to check Action Noise heard while • Is there any home • Electrical equipment can talking appliance or OA be a source of radio equipment nearby? interference. Keep apart from electrical equipment. Calls do not last long •...

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