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Saudi Arabia - Customer Service - Electrolux LKR620002W User Manual


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• If it is possible, always put the lids on
the cookware.
• Before you activate the cooking zone
put the cookware on it.
• The cookware bottom should have the
same diameter as the cooking zone.
• Put the smaller cookware on the
smaller cooking zones.
• Put the cookware directly in the centre
of the cooking zone.
• Use the residual heat to keep the food
warm or to melt it.
15.2 Oven - Energy saving
The oven has features which
help you save energy during
everyday cooking.
Make sure that the oven door is closed
when the oven operates. Do not open


Further after-sales service agencies
In these countries our respective agents'
own guarantee conditions are applicable.
Please obtain further details directly.
First Distribution Company (FDC) Al
Faisaliah Group
Main service center address:
Al Khalidiya area – Port Street – Building
name: Mussa 4
Recycle materials with the symbol
Put the packaging in relevant containers
to recycle it. Help protect the
environment and human health by
recycling waste of electrical and
electronic appliances. Do not dispose of
the oven door too often during cooking.
Keep the door gasket clean and make
sure it is well fixed in its position.
When possible, do not preheat the oven
before cooking.
Keep breaks between baking as short as
possible when you prepare a few dishes
at one time.
Cooking with fan
When possible, use the cooking
functions with fan to save energy.
Moist Baking
Function designed to save energy during
cooking. For additional details refer to
"Oven - Daily use" chapter, Oven
AL Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Postal address:
P.O Box 2728 Riyadh 11461
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
tel. + 966 11 243-9732
fax +966 11 243-9674
appliances marked with the symbol
with the household waste. Return the
product to your local recycling facility or
contact your municipal office.


Table of Contents

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