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Changing The Default Settings - AEG DVD 4525 USB Operation Manual

Dvd player with usb & card reader


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the menu structure
Using the menu
Overview of the main menu
05-DVD 4525 AEG - GB 57

Changing the default settings

A large number of default settings can be comfortably changed via the screen menu.
Press the SETUP-button (Fig. 3/7) on the remote control to start the menu for
changing the default settings.
Many of these default settings can be changed via both the remote control
and the menu. The difference is: If you change the default settings via the
remote control, these changes will only be valid until the DVD-Player is
switched off or the DVD is changed.
However, any changes made in the menu are permanent.
The Setup menu has two menu levels:
Main menu: The main level is represented by graphical symbols.
Sub-menu: The corresponding sub-menu options can be found under
each of the main menu options.
Navigation and selection
Use the Cursor Buttons (Fig. 3/9) ( / ) on the remote control to browse
through the main menu.
In order to change from the main menu to the submenu, press the cursor
button ( ).
You can also move through the submenu with the cursor buttons ( / ).
Select a menu option with the ENTER button (Fig. 3/8).
Use the ENTER button also to select an option (e.g. "PAL" in the illustration
on the left). The selected option (in the example „PAL") is now highlighted.
To change back from the submenu to the main menu, press the cursor
button ( ).
Language Settings (1)
Video Setup Page (2)
Audio Setup Page (3)
Password Setup Page (4)
Various Settings (5)
Some of the menu settings are only available in stop mode (depending on
the DVD).
Changing the default settings
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