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Starting Up - AEG DVD 4525 USB Operation Manual

Dvd player with usb & card reader


Table of Contents

Starting up

Remote control
battery installation
Connecting the Video cable
05-DVD 4525 AEG - GB 44
Starting up
Leaking out battery acid can damage your health. Remove the battery from
the battery compartment as soon as it is exhausted or if the remote control is
not going to be used for a longer period of time. Wipe up leaked out battery
acid with a cloth. In case of skin contact immediately wash the affected area.
Seek medical advice if battery acid has been swallowed.In case of contact
with your eyes wash out the eyes and seek medical advice.
Mismatching battery types or new and used batteries must never be used
together. Different battery types have different properties. Do not use old and
new batteries together. The mutual use of old and new batteries can shorten
the lifetime of the new batteries and possibly result in leakage of the old
batteries. When disposing of old batteries you should strictly comply with the
legal and environmental regulations applicable in your country. Do not throw
batteries into fi re!
The lifetime of the enclosed batteries may be shortened because of storage.
1. Open and remove the battery compartment cover.
2. Insert two batteries of type AAA/R03 (1.5 V), ensure correct polarity (+ and
-). Start with the negative pole (-).
3. Attach and close the battery compartment cover.
The signals from the remote control are transmitted to the DVD-Player by
infrared light. You should therefore take care that the DVD-Player is not
exposed to the direct sunlight. This could make the transmission of signals
from the remote control to the DVD-Player impossible.
Effective range of the remote control
If you want to use the remote control it has to be pointed at the remote control
sensor on the front of the device. The distance between remote control and
sensor should not exceed 7m. The angle of the remote control to the remote
control sensor to right, left, top and bottom should not exceed 30°.
The video cable transmits the video data from your DVD-Player to the TV or
the Video-Projector.
There are four different ways of connecting the DVD-Player with your TV/
Video-Projector. Select one of these possibilities to suit your replay unit.
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Table of Contents

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