Overview; General Description; Safety Regulations - ABB jokab safety Smile Tina Series Original Instructions Manual

Emergency stop with indication
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2 Overview

General description

In order to fulfil the need for a small and easy to install E-stop, Smile Tina has been developed. The
size of the device makes it possible to be installed wherever needed. With M12 connections or cable
and centralized mounting holes. Smile Tina is very easy to install, especially on aluminium extrusions.
There are three different versions available, either with one or two M12 connections or cable. Two
M12 connectors are used to enable the connection of E-stops in series, which is often used with
dynamic safety circuits fulfilling safety category 4. On the top of the Smile Tina E-stop unit, an LED
indicates the actual status according to the dynamic system. Smile Tina is intended for use in safety
circuits in accordance with EN 60204-1.

Safety regulations

Carefully read through this entire manual before using the device.
The devices shall be installed by a trained electrician following the Safety regulations, Standards and
the Machine directive.
Failure to comply with instructions, operation that is not in accordance with the use prescribed in these
instructions, improper installation or handling of the device can affect the safety of people and the
For installation and prescribed use of the product, the special notes in the instructions must be
carefully observed and the technical standards relevant to the application must be considered.
In case of failure to comply with the instructions or standards, especially when tampering with and/or
modifying the product, any liability is excluded.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents