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Huawei Backup Box-B0 Quick Manual


Backup Box-(B0, B1)
Quick Guide
Issue: 01
Date: 2021-01-10


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  • Page 1 Backup Box-(B0, B1) Quick Guide Issue: 01 Date: 2021-01-10...
  • Page 2: System Networking

    1. The information in this document is subject to change without notice. Every effort has been made in the preparation of this document to ensure accuracy of the contents, but all statements, information, and recommendations in this document do not constitute a warranty of any kind, express or implied.
  • Page 3 Supported Grid Types The Backup Box supports the following grid types: TN-S, TN-C-S and TT. When the inverter is in three-phase, three-wire mode, the Backup Box does not support off-grid operation. Appearance (1) Front panel (2) Lock (3) Hanging kit (4) Off-grid load port (BACKUP LOAD) (5) Grid AC port (GRID) (6) Inverter AC port (INVERTER AC)
  • Page 4: Device Installation

    (10) Off-grid load switch Device Installation Installation Requirements 1. When a Backup Box is installed outdoors, avoid direct sunlight. You are advised to install it in a sheltered place or install an awning over it. 2. A surge protective device (SPD) needs to be installed on the grid side of the Backup Box. Installation Space Angle Mounting Holes and Dimensions When drilling holes, avoid the water pipes and power cables buried in the wall.
  • Page 5 Installing a Backup Box M6x60 expansion bolts are delivered with the Backup Box. If the length and number of the  bolts do not meet installation requirements, prepare M6 stainless steel expansion bolts by yourself. The expansion bolts delivered with the inverter are mainly used for solid concrete walls. For ...
  • Page 6: Electrical Connection

    Electrical Connection Preparations Connect cables in accordance with local installation laws and regulations.  Before connecting cables, ensure that the circuit breaker on the Backup Box and all the  switches connecting to the Backup Box are set to OFF position. Otherwise, the high voltage of the Backup Box may result in electric shocks.
  • Page 7 Installing an Output Power Cable for Off-Grid Loads Before installing a cable, open the panel of the Backup Box, route the cable through the off-grid load port, and connect the cable. After all cables are connected, reinstall the panel. Off-Grid Load Terminal (X1) Off-Grid Load Terminal (X1) No..
  • Page 8 Connecting Grid AC Terminals ( X2 ) Three-Phase If multiple inverters are connected in parallel, the connection of AC power cables L1, L2, and L3 on the power grid side of the Backup Boxes connected to each inverter must be the same. Installing an Inverter AC Input Power Cable Connecting AC Input Terminals of the Inverter (...
  • Page 9 The sequence of connecting the cables to a single-phase Backup Box and to the AC terminals L, N, and PE on the inverter must be the same. The sequence of connecting the cables to a three- phase Backup Box and to the AC terminals L1, L2, and L3 on the inverter must be the same. Otherwise, the device cannot work properly.
  • Page 10 • When installing a short-circuiting plate, ensure that it is inserted into the correct port and securely installed to avoid short circuits caused by incorrect installation. • If no short-circuiting plate is installed, the neutral wire will be suspended in off-grid mode, but the off-grid/grid-tied switching function is not affected.
  • Page 11 Connecting Signal Cables on the Inverter Side SUN2000-(2KTL-6KTL)-L1 Inverter AC COM port (COM) COM Port Pin Definitions No. Label Definition Description Connects to the GND of the DI2 port. Digital Connects to the positive terminal of DI2 input and functions as the port for the Backup signal 2+ Box to send feedback signals.
  • Page 12: Verifying The Installation

    SUN2000-(3KTL-12KTL)-M1 Inverter AC COM port (COM) COM Port Pin Definitions No. Label Definition Note DIN1 Functions as the port for the Digital input Backup Box to send feedback signal 1+ signals. Connects to the GND of DIN1. Verifying the Installation Acceptance Criteria The installation is correct and reliable.
  • Page 13: System Commissioning

    Parameter Settings Open the FusionSolar app, log in to using the installer account, choose My > Device Commissioning, and connect to the WLAN hotspot of the solar inverter. On the home page, choose Setting > Feature parameters to set the off-grid/grid-tied control...
  • Page 14: Routine Maintenance

    Parameter Settings Value Off-grid mode If this parameter is enabled, the Backup Box switches to the Enable  off-grid mode when the grid fails. This parameter can be set Disabled  only when the Backup Box is configured. If the Backup Box is (default) not configured, this parameter cannot be enabled.
  • Page 15: Product Specifications

    Product Specifications Single-Phase Backup Box Wiring Requirements Detection Terminal X3-6 & X1- X3-6 & X3-10 Circuit X4-1 & X4-2 X2-1 & X3-2 X2-1 & X1-1 INVERTER-N INVERTER- Breaker Grid Inverter COM-1 & GRID-L & GRID-L & & (QF) COM-2 INVERTER-L LOAD-L INVERTER-PE &...
  • Page 16: Customer Service Contact Information

    Customer Service Contact Region Country Phone Service Support Email France Germany Spain 0080033888888 Europe Italy Netherlands Other countries For details, see Australia 1800046639 Turkey 0080021686868 Malaysia /1800220036 (+66) 26542662 (charged Asia Pacific by local call) Thailand...

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