Pictograms And Symbols; Safety Instructions - Beko BEKOMAT 31U IF built-in F Instructions For Installation And Operation Manual

Condensate drain
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Pictograms and symbols

Pictograms and symbols
Observe the installation and operating instructions
Observe the installation and operating instructions (on the type plate)
General danger symbol (danger, warning, caution)

Safety instructions

Please check whether or not these instructions correspond to the device type.
Adhere to all advice given in these operating instructions. They include essential information
which must be observed during the installation, operation and maintenance. Therefore it is
imperative for the service technician and the responsible operator / technical staff to read
these operating instructions prior to installation, start-up and maintenance.
The operating instructions must be accessible at any time at the place of application
of the BEKOMAT
In addition to these operating instructions, local or national regulations must be complied
with, if necessary.
Make sure that the BEKOMAT
indicated on the type plate. Any deviation involves a risk for persons and materials, and
may result in malfunction and service failures.
If you have any queries regarding these installation- and operating instructions, please
31U IF .
31U IF is operated only within the permissible limit values
BEKOMAT® 31U IF built-in F


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