Chapter 9: Update Firmware; Headset Recovery - Dell Pro Wireless Headset User Manual

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Keep your firmware up-to-date to improve performance and add new features to your headset.
Update your firmware using your computer or mobile device with Plantronics Hub for Windows/Mac or Plantronics Hub for
iOS/Android, respectively. Download Plantronics Hub at
● Plantronics Hub for Windows/Mac: With your headset connected your computer, check Updates for available firmware
● Plantronics Hub for iOS/Android: With your headset paired to your smartphone, check Settings for available firmware update
While updating firmware:
● Remove your headset from your ear. Do not use your headset or device until the update is complete.
● Disconnect your headset from other devices such as phones, tablets and computers
● Do not start a second update from a second device
● Do not stream media on your smartphone
● Do not answer or place a call
Smartphone: If you receive a lot of calls, emails or texts, try turning on the Do Not Disturb feature in your
smartphone's settings while you update.

Headset recovery

If you have several failed attempts at an over-the-air firmware update, or if your headset becomes unresponsive, take the
following steps:
1. Download and install Plantronics Hub for Windows/Mac at
2. Connect your headset to your computer using a USB cable
3. Open Plantronics Hub, go to Help > Support > Firmware Updates & Recovery and enter your Product ID (PID) to complete
the recovery
Find your Product ID (PID). Choose:
● Plantronics Hub app's headset recovery instructions
● Plantronics Hub app's home screen
Update firmware
or visit Choose:
or visit
Update firmware


Table of Contents

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