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  • Page 119 Hitachi Programmable Controller H Series CPU LINK MODULE OPTICAL CPU LINK MODULE Instruction Manual OLINK-SH LINK-SH TYPE • Ensure that the person with the final responsibility for Notes maintenance of the module has a copy of this instruction manual. The manual must be maintained in good order after use.
  • Page 120 Revision history table Number Revision details Date Revision - The First Edition 2001-3 NJI-393X Warning (1) This manual may not be reproduced in its entirety or any portion thereof without prior consent. (2) The content of this document may be changed without notice. (3) This document has been created with utmost care.
  • Page 121 Warranty Period and Scope of Warranty The warranty period of the delivered Module is eighteen (18) months from the date of manufacture or twelve (12) months from the date of installation by the original purchaser which ever occurs first. Should any failure occur during this warranty period during use under normal working conditions within the range of the product specification in accordance with the instructions given in this instruction manual, repair or replacement of the failed...
  • Page 122: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions Read this manual and related documents thoroughly before installing, operating, performing preventive maintenance or performing inspection, and be sure to use the unit correctly. Use this product after acquiring adequate knowledge of the unit, all safety information, and all cautionary information. Also, make sure this manual enters the possession of the chief person in charge of safety maintenance.
  • Page 123 They may become the cause of fire, malfunction or failure. 2. About wiring REQUIRED Always perform grounding (FE terminal). If grounding is not performed, there is a risk of electric shocks and malfunctions. CAUTION Connect power supply that meets rating. If a power supply that does not meet rating is connected, fire may be caused.
  • Page 124: Before Use

    4. About preventive maintenance DANGER Do not connect the of the battery in reverse. Also, do not charge, disassemble, heat, place in fire, or short-circuit the battery. There is a risk of explosion or fire. PROHIBITED Do not disassemble or modify the unit. These actions may result in fire, malfunction, or malfunction.
  • Page 125: About The Separate Manual

    About the separate account manual As for the operation manual, manual with regard to this product, there is the following. As occasion demands, please ask this table of reference. CAUTION Please read a detailed operation manual, manual, to use safely. Please confirm whether the operation manual, manual are a latest version.
  • Page 126: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Safety Precautions ................3 Before Use ..................5 About the separate manual .............. 6 Chapter 1 Names and functions of each part 1.1 Structure................8 Names and functions of each switch..........9 MODE switch ................10 Method of removal / installs of bypass cassette......11 Chapter2 Specifications 2.1 Basic specifications ............
  • Page 127: Chapter 1 Names And Functions Of Each Part

    Chapter 1 Names and functions of each part 1.1 Structure Coaxial CPU link module LINK-SH Optical CPU link module OLINK-SH Terminal table for external 5 V DC Dimensions (mm)
  • Page 128: Names And Functions Of Each Switch

    1.2 Names and functions of each switch STATE ① Detail of Display and switches SEND REC ERR ③ ② STATION No. ⑤ ④ ⑥ ⑧ CHECK ⑦ ⑨ Name Function In normal state: “000” is displayed. ○ STATE (7-segment LED display) On occurrence of an error: Error information is displayed.
  • Page 129: Mode Switch

    [Contents of check] The send port and the receive port are connected together and if the send data and receive data are matched is checked. If normal ・・・ Data is altered continuously and checks are made while the check data is indicated by the 7-segment display.
  • Page 130: Method Of Removal / Installs Of Bypass Cassette

    Detail of Bypass cassette MODE BY- NORM PASS Mode switch Bypass cassette 1.4 Method of removal / installs of bypass cassette. Note) ・As for the removal/installation to bypass cassette, please turn off the power supply. ・Removal / installs to bypass cassette, need to remove the module from the base. ・Please do not touch on circuit board directly, because it becomes the cause of fail.
  • Page 131 ④ Attach bypass cassette fixation plate with the correct direction. Attach two rivets for bypass cassette fixation plate. Bypass cassette fixation plate fixing rivet Bypass cassette fixation plate Main body case Installation direction Bypass cassette case Hook (two places) Do turn off the Removing direction power supply...
  • Page 132: Chapter2 Specifications

    Chapter 2 Specifications 2.1 Basic specifications Specifications Items Coaxial CPU Link Optical CPU Link LINK-SH OLINK-SH Operating 0 to 55℃ temperature -10 to 75℃ Storage temperature Operating humidity 20 to 90% RH (without condensation) Storage humidity 10 to 90% RH (without condensation) Consumption current 5 V DC, Less than.
  • Page 133 CA7103-( )M-□L□ *3 Used cable and 5D-2V with shield or Manufactured by connector equivalent Hitachi Cable side connector: BNC-P-5DV (made by Hirose) or equivalent *1 The link area is as follows when revision of one of CPU module is as indicated below.
  • Page 134 CA7□03-□M-□L□ | | ① ② ③ ④ ① Connector form 1:Single core connector ② Cable length Shown in meter ③ Application of cable A:Single core, in-console (Cable type: A) B:Single core, in door (Cable type: B) C:Single core, outdoor (Cable type: C) D:Single core, multiple core, outdoors (Cable type: D) ④Number of cores in case of “multiple core, outdoors”...
  • Page 135: Description Of Error Indication

    2.2 Description of error indication See the application manual (separate account) for the CPU module special internal output (R7DE, WRF007, WRF0E0 – WRF19F) related to CPU link module. As for the content of R7DE (CPU link module error), “1” is set when ERR LED on the CPU link module is lit.
  • Page 136 Error Timing of Contents STATE display Timing of ON Remarks LED *2 ・Reset *1 CPU commu- On occurrence nication error of an error in the ・Error reset communication with CPU (WD time error of system bus, sum error of system bus) ・Reset *1 Overlap of station...
  • Page 137 Notes) *1 Reset: Reset can be made by power OFF – ON or by ON of the reset switch. *2 ON of the error LED indicates a serious fault. *3 Error indication is made on occurrence of an error, even if the error is what makes reset automatically, and it is held until the error indication clear switch is ON or reset is made.
  • Page 138: Chapter3 Mounting And Precautions

    Chapter3 Mounting and Precautions 3.1 Mounting ・Take care to act on the following points when the CPU link module is mounted. Confirm the following two points when mounting or dismounting the CPU link module. Check the connections of the CPU link module’s connector in basic base side. If there are any problems, contact nearest after-sales service station or your dealer.
  • Page 139: Precautions

    3.2 Precautions ・Make connection and disconnection of the coaxial cable or optical cable in the state where the power is OFF for the base on which the link module is mounted. ・Carry out mounting / dismounting of the link module in the state where the power is OFF for the base on which the link module is mounted.
  • Page 140: Precautions For Supplying External 5V Dc Power

    ● Precautions of Optical CPU link module (OLINK-SH) ・When the power source of the base on which the optical link module is mounted, is turned off, the link system usually goes down. In order to avoid system down, supply external non-outage 5 V DC input terminal table of bypass cassette.
  • Page 141 supplier. (3) Use shield line to connect power supply to the module, isolating from other cables (for I/O, etc.). (Ground the shield line on the power side.) (4) Power supply line for external supply to the module: 0.75 mm or more in sectional area, 1 m long max. (5) Avoid occurring noise in the 5 V DC line by installing a noise filter in the AC/DC line of the constant-voltage power supply for external supply.
  • Page 142: Chapter 4 Loop Back Check

    For preventing termination of linking operation at the time of power OFF of the link system, therefore, turn OFF the power for a station at a time. (4) If overlap of station numbers is present, the following operation may occur depending on the timing of power ON at the time of activation of the link system.
  • Page 143 Chapter4 Loop back check Carry out the following loop back check using a dip switch (see 1.2 ⑦) Check the circuits of transfer systems in module units. Connect a TxD connector and an RxD connector together and set the dip switch in the ON position.

Table of Contents