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Target Markets For Color Printers - Xerox Color Laser Printer Product Reference Manual

Xerox color laser printer instruction manuals
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Target Markets for Color Printers

There are traditionally four broad categories for color printer applications:
• Businesses use color to impress, convince, sell ideas, improve clarity and communicate more effectively.
• Graphic arts and creative communities use color printers at the design level to develop comps and pre-press proofs
for client approvals.
• Engineering and Scientific users have long known the value of color to aid in data analysis and to help simplify complex
• Print-on-Demand services meet the high quality and rapid turnaround demands for jobs such as real estate
flyers, in-store signage and labels, and restaurant menus.
Additionally, a wide variety of users are commonly printing color-intensive pages off the Internet, creating proposals with
color charts and graphics, generating in-house communications, and incorporating color into their everyday correspondence
and reports. The opportunity for expanding color into the networked office is almost limitless.
This alphabetical listing of target markets represents major examples where color printing can have a significant impact.
It is not all-inclusive, and you will find many opportunities not represented here.
Business Objectives
Track, monitor and report assets,
liabilities, revenue and expenses
Ensure effective use of internal funds on
account payables and receivables
Prepare tax forms and reports
Maintain cash flow
Ensure efficient business functions
Oversee facility management and set
administration guidelines
Develop policy documentation
Manage business operations and
Prepare design plans
Develop product specifications
Develop policy documentation
Shorten product design cycle
Key Questions
Do you wish to ensure a higher response
using color?
Do you need to get attention with color
spreadsheets, graphs and charts?
Is there a need to highlight important
information on tax forms/reports?
Can highlighting in color enhance the
effectiveness of presentations/reports?
Do you have a need to create effective internal signs
highlighting information using color?
Would full color photos/drawings of facilities be
useful in presentations/posters/other documents?
Would color enhance the effectiveness of
policy/procedure documents?
Would meeting agendas be more effective using
color to highlight start/end times, speaker
information, etc.?
Do you print your CAD/CAM color graphics in
color? How do you prepare additional copies?
Have you started using different colors to identify
different items on the same
engineering print?
Key Applications
Internal forms & memos
Billing statements
Audit reports
Tax forms
Complex documents & manuals
Internal forms
Memos, letters
Meeting agendas
Forms, surveys
Technical drawings & reports
Long & complex documents
Design schematics
Graphs & charts


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