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Using Your Compactor - Whirlpool 220-240~volt Instructions For Installation And Use Manual

Whirlpool freestanding compactor instructions for installation and use 220-240~volt, 50-hz models
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Wheel bracket
screw (pivot)
4. Place the other two corner posts on the floor to the
side of the compactor. Grasp the sides of the compac-
tor cabinet and put compactor on its side on top of the
corner posts. Remove the shipping base from the
bottom of compactor.
5. The rear wheels are preset for a cabinet opening
height of 86.4 cm (Position "A"). To adjust for other
heights, loosen screw just enough to clear stud from
hole in Position "A." Move the rear wheel and stud to
Position "B" or "C" as needed.
Position B: 87.4 cm
Position C: 88.1 cm
Tighten screw. Repeat for other rear wheel.
6. Place level inside on the floor of the cabinet. Check
that the compactor is level from front to back and
side to side. Adjust the leveling legs until the
compactor is level.
7. Move the compactor close to its final position.
Plug the power supply cable into a properly earthed
When moving or lifting the compactor,
use gloves to protect and cushion your hands.
8. Carefully move compactor into its final position. Check
that compactor is still level. (See Step 6.)
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