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Whirlpool Trash Masher JTF8500XL User Manual

Trash masher
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! I 1
Model JTF8500XL



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  Summary of Contents for Whirlpool Trash Masher JTF8500XL

  • Page 1 ! I 1 TRASH MASHER” Compactor Model JTF8500XL...
  • Page 2: Safety First

    Safety First Read all instructions before using your compactor. Do not let children operate or play with your compactor. Anything placed in the unit will be crushed or compacted. Keep the compactor locked when It’s not In use. Remove the key knob to a safe place. Always place glass bottles,...
  • Page 3 Record all letters and numbers. There is no warranty registration card to be returned. Purchase Dale Seri~ce Company Telephone SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS *Trademarks WHIRLPOOL and TRASH MASHER in Canada Used by Authority of Canadian Trademark Owner, WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION, U.S.A.
  • Page 4 USING your TRASH MASHEW Compactor 1. Open the drawer. Lift and pull the handle or press the Touch-Toe Bar to open the drawer. 2. Put in the trash. Load almost any krnd of trash. Wrap or cover wet or messy trash. center Load bottles or cans on therr sides In the...
  • Page 5 Air Fresheners The Air Freshener Control is designed to help control odors that might develop solid air fresheners In the trash There are many avarlable on the market. Raise the door Put In solid air freshener Set dial to NORMAL lum If needed Move to MAXimum or MlNin...
  • Page 6: Removing A Filled Bag

    Removing a filled bag When the compactor bag is full, follow these steps to remove Tuck in slotted sides. Pull all four bag cufk 4, Remove bag carrier handles from side 3. Bring top edges together and roll 01 fold to retainers and hold.
  • Page 7: Installing A New Bag

    DO NOT USE ANY KIND OF BAG OTHER THAN THE PLASTIC-LINED PAPER BAGS DESIGNED ESPECIALLY FOR USE IN YOUR COMPACTOR. TRASH MASHER” Compactor bags may be purchased from your Whirlpool Appliance Dealer (Part No. 675186) or from Whirlpool Corporation, LaPorte...
  • Page 8 CARING for your TRASH MASHER’” Compactor As is true of most appliances proper care is needed to grve you contrnued satisfaction Clean exterior surfaces Tilt the drawer side open Wipe wrth warm, sudsy water a damp Press side-lock latch down. cloth.
  • Page 9 To remove and replace the air freshener compartment To remove it. lrft cover and pull To replace it. set In the bottom frrst Then snap the tom To clean inside the cabinet, remove the Grasp the drawer on the srdes Pull It out the rest of the way drawer Set it down...
  • Page 10 Changing your compactor3 color Behind the color panel on the front of your compac- tor’s drawer are one or two extra panels, depending on the model you have. Each of the panels has a different color on each of its sides, so you have a choice of four or six colors for the front.
  • Page 11: Installation Instructions

    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE YOU BEGIN, READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS COM- PLETELY AND CAREFULLY THEY WILL SIMPLIFY THE INSTALLATION. RECOMMENDED GROUNDING METHOD Before you use your TRASH MASHER For your personal safety, this appliance must compactor.. grounded. This appliance is equipped with Be sure your compactor...
  • Page 12 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 5. Remove the cardboard shipping pad located the bottom. See Figure 1. After removing the shipping carton, be sure to remove all protective materials such as tape, ship- NOTE: Do not move or slide the compactor on the ping pads, etc.
  • Page 13 Using a Freestanding Compactor Adjustable Toe Plate a Recessed Area. In some rnstallatrons. the top plate may rub the floor Measure the recessed area you wash to Install covering. If this occurs, the top plate clearance compactor In. It must be at least 34’~~” (87.6 cm) be changed as follows high, 24”(61...
  • Page 14: Before You Call For Service

    BEFORE YOU CALL FOR SERVICE If your compactor does not seem to be operatrng properly. check the following before callrng for servrce. If the compactor won’t operate: Is the electrrc cord securely plugged 1r17 Have you checked the main fuse or crrcuit breaker box7 Is the drawer...
  • Page 15 560 service depots. Service by lnglis designed to fulfill your Warranty and provide after-warranty service and mainte- nance to keep your new Whirlpool appliance in top notch condition, anywhere Canada. lnglis wants you to get the service that you would expect...
  • Page 16 L /Appliances Making your world a little easier. Distributed by: lnglis Limited, 1901 Minnesota Court, Mississauga, Ontario L5N 3A7 Branches Across Canada *Trademarks in Canada, Use by Authority of Canadian Trademark Owner, WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION, U.S.A. Part No. 780512 Printed in U.S.A.