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Whirlpool TF 4500 Senes Use & Care Manual

Whirlpool use & care guide trash masher compactor tu 4000 series, tf 4500 senes, tu 8000 series, tf 8500 series
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TU 4000 Series
TF 4500 Senes
TU 8000 Senes
(built-in model)
and (free standing model)
TF 8500 Series
(free standing
s. freezers.
Ice Makers.
and Surface
Trash Compactors.
Room Air Condltmners.


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Whirlpool TF 4500 Senes

  • Page 1 TRASH MASHER” TKiffl Compactor TF 4500 Senes TU 8000 Senes TF 8500 Series TU 4000 Series (built-in model) (free standing model) (built-in model) and (free standing model) (shown) s. freezers. Refrigerator-Freezers. Ice Makers. DIshwashers. Bwlt-In Ovens and Surface Units. Ranges, MIcrowave Ovens.
  • Page 2 Compactor. Changing Your Compactor’s Color ..,,,,,..., If You Need Service Assistance. c 1985 Whirlpool Corporation Anything It‘s not In use. Remove the key knob to a safe place. on therr sides in the center of the drawer can help keep broken...
  • Page 3 Your TRASH MASHER@ Compactor TF, ‘TU Model Series &iiiiG$ Atr Freshener Compartment (TF 8500 TU 8000 Series) Model-Serl-rl Number Plate Handle Drawer Bag Retainers (TF 8500TU 8000 SerIesI Color Front Panel Pack Baa Carrier Handle (T<8500’TU 8000 Series Lever-Actlo’ Lock Touch-Toe Drawer Opener...
  • Page 4 Using Your TRASH MASHER’ Compactor 1. Open the drawer. Lift and pull the handle or press Touch-Toe ITF 8500 TU 8000 Series) to open the drawer Model EST. 2. Put in the trash. Load almost any kind of trash. Wrap or cover wet or messy trash.
  • Page 5 Air Fresheners The Air Freshener Control IS designed to help control solid air fresheners There are many avallable TF 8500ITU 8000 Model Series Raise the door Put In solld air freshener Set dial to NORMAL Move to MAXImum or MINImum tf needed How the compactor CompactIon...
  • Page 6 Removing a filled bag TF 8500/TU 8000 Model Series Pull all four baq Cuffs up Tuck In slotted sides Bring top edges together and roll or fold to close bag Remove bag carrier handles from side retainers and hold Push side-lock latch down and tilt drawer side opera...
  • Page 7 DO NOT USE ANY KIND OF BAG OTHER THAN THE PLASTIC-LINED PAPER BAGS DESIGNED ESPECIALLY USE IN YOUR COMPACTOR. TRASH MASHER’ Compactor bags may be ourchased from your Whrrlpool Appliance Dealer (Part No 675186) or from WhIrlpool Corporatron, LaPorie Division, 1900 WhIrlpool Drive. LaPorte lndrana 46350...
  • Page 8 Caring for Your TRASH MASHER’ Compactor true of most appliances proper care satisfactron Clean exterior surfaces Wipe with warm, sudsy water cloth Rinse. Dry with a soft cloth Wipe up right away. Some foods spdls the finish If left on the top Clean inside the drawer...
  • Page 9 -= & To remove compartment To remove To reolace Then snap TF 8500 TU 8000 Model SerIesi To clean inside the cabinet, remove drawer Pull the drawer out until it stops Note the tracks In which the drawer move Lift the front to clear the drawer stops Wipe off the ram cover .
  • Page 10 Changing your compactor3 Behind the color panel on the front of your compactor’s There may also be one or two extra panels, depending The panels have a different color on each side, so you can have a choice of two to six colors for the front.
  • Page 11 Open drawer lay cans and bottles flat in center of drawer. Start compactor again FSP 13 a reglstered trademark of WhIrlpool CorporalIon quality parts took for this symbol of quality whenever need a replacement part your WhIrlpool appliance...
  • Page 12 Maklng your world a httle easier Printed in U.S.A. Part No. 780212 Rev. C c 1985 Whirlpool Corporation Wakers Dishwashers Bu~ll-In Ovens and Surlace Units. Ranges. Microwave Ovens Trash Compactors. Room AM Condjllaners. Oehumldlllers. Automatic Washers, Clothes...