Safety Notice - GE Baker Hughes 2900-40 Series Maintenance Manual

Pilot operated safety relief valve
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III. Safety Notice
Proper installation and start-up is essential to the safe and reliable operation of all valve
products. The relevant procedures recommended by BHGE and described in these instructions
are effective methods of performing the required tasks.
It is important to note that these instructions contain various "safety messages" which
should be carefully read in order to minimize the risk of personal injury, or the possibility that
improper procedures will be followed which may damage the involved BHGE Consolidated
product, or render it unsafe. It is also important to understand that these "safety messages"
are not exhaustive. BHGE can not possibly know, evaluate, and advise any customer of all
of the conceivable ways in which tasks might be performed, or of the possible hazardous
consequences of each way. Consequently, BHGE has not undertaken any such broad
evaluation and, thus, anyone who uses a procedure and/or tool, which is not recommended by
BHGE, or deviates from BHGE's recommendations, must be thoroughly satisfied that neither
personal safety, nor valve safety, will be jeopardized by the method and/or tools selected.
Please contact your local Green Tag Center if there are any questions relative to tools/
Wear necessary
protective equipment to
prevent possible injury
The installation and start-up of valves and/or valve products may involve proximity to fluids at
extremely high pressure and/or temperature. Consequently, every precaution should be taken
to prevent injury to personnel during the performance of any procedure. These precautions
should consist of, but are not limited to, ear drum protection, eye protection, and the use of
protective clothing, (i.e., gloves, etc.) when personnel are in, or around, a valve work area. Due
to the various circumstances and conditions in which these operations may be performed
on BHGE Consolidated products, and the possible hazardous consequences of each way,
BHGE can not possibly evaluate all conditions that might injure personnel or equipment.
Nevertheless, BHGE does offer certain Safety Precautions, listed in Section IV, for customer
information only.
It is the responsibility of the purchaser or user of BHGE's Consolidated valves/equipment to
adequately train all personnel who will be working with the involved valves/equipment. For
more information on training schedules, call 318/640-6054. Further, prior to working with
the involved valves/equipment, personnel who are to perform such work should become
thoroughly familiar with the contents of these instructions.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents