Using Your Air Conditioner - Samsung 018 Series User & Installation Manual

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Using your air conditioner

Tips on using air conditioner
Here are some tips that you would follow when using your air conditioner.
De-ice mode
• If current outside temperatures are much higher than
the selected indoor temperature, it may take time to
bring the inner temperature to the desired coolness.
• Avoid drastically turning down the temperature.
Energy is wasted and the room does not cool faster.
• Since the air conditioner heats the room by taking
heat energy from outdoor air, the heating capacity
may decrease when outdoor temperatures are
extremely low. If you feel the air conditioner
insufficiently heats, using an additional heating
appliance in combination with the air conditioner is
• When the air conditioner runs in Heat mode, due to
temperature difference between the unit and the
outside air, frost will form.
If this happens:
- The air conditioner stops heating.
- The air conditioner will operate automatically in De-
ice mode for 10 minutes.
- The steam produced on the outdoor unit in De-ice
mode is safe.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents