Purging The Unit - Samsung 018 Series User & Installation Manual

Cassette type series 4 way cassette
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Indoor unit installation
6. Adjust the height of the indoor unit by using the included dimension
gauge/guide. Lower and raise lower nuts to adjust unit height.
• You should adjust the dimension gauge/guide and the pattern sheet to
fit the cutting dimensions of ceiling.
• Make sure that the indoor unit is installed level to prevent water leaks.
7. Once level, tighten the upper nuts and the lower two nuts.
8. Remove the dimension gauge/guide after installing the indoor unit.

Purging the unit

From factory the unit is supplied and set with a pre-charge of nitrogen gas (inert gas). All nitrogen gas must be purged
before connecting the assembly piping.
Slowly unscrew the flare nut with pinched pipe at the end of each refrigerant
RESULT : All inert gas escapes from the indoor unit.
• To prevent dirt or foreign objects from getting into the pipes
during installation, do NOT remove the pinch pipe completely
until you are ready to connect the piping.
Indoor unit
Gauge of
Liquid refrigerant port
Gas refrigerant port

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents