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Special Functional Components - Husqvarna K 750 Workshop Manual

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Torx T27
New technical solutions
Husqvarna K750 is the first model in a new
generation of power cutters with a number of
new technical solutions:
New engine technology – Dual
The cylinder, piston and carburettor are
radically changed.
Apart from the inlet from the carburettor
with fuel-air mixture there are two ducts for
the inlet of clean air, the top duct in the pic-
ture. By leading the fuel-air mixture and the
clean air in separate flushing channels into
the cylinder, the proportions of the air-fuel
mixture and clean air can be controlled so
that these vary in different phases of the
engine's work cycle.
Cleaner exhaust fumes and improved
The amount of uncombusted hydrocarbons
(HC) is reduced by the Dual Charge techno-
logy to about a third compared with a tradi-
tional design (K700). The emission values are
now well below levels in the regulations from
The output is higher over the entire speed
range and the torque in the lower speed range
is now significantly higher.
Lower vibration levels
The air filter system and the carburettor are
mounted in the dampened handle unit,
which means lower vibration on the handle
through the greater mass (weight) in the
handle unit.
The carburettor placement in the dampened
section results in stable carburettor function
and less wear on the moving parts in the car-
New muffler
The volume of the muffler has now been
doubled and both the sound pressure and
sound power have been halved, all in compa-
rison with K700
Poly-V belt
This type of belt has improved strength and
is more resilient against stretching than
previous V-belts, which results in longer inter-
vals between adjustments.
Friction Retarder
A new front belt pulley is being introduced in
2007 with a braking mechanism that takes
effect at low speeds.
Torx – T27
Torx screws, with the dimensions T27, are
used virtually throughout to simplify the ser-
vice work.
Note that screws with both a flat and fluted
undersides are used.

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