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  • Page 2 Congratulations On your new Smart Blend portable drink set. ™ Please read through this entire manual before first use and keep for future reference. So that you may enjoy your new NutriMill product for years to ® come.
  • Page 3: Important Safeguards

    Ingredients must be cut into small pieces. Please remove hard seeds, thick skins, or hard shells before processing. Not microwave safe. Do not place the NutriMill Smart Blend in the microwave. Components and materials in contact with food materials are compliant with food certification requirements.
  • Page 4: Parts Included

    Carefully rinse the blade compartment, being careful to not get water under the gray seal. Ensure that the product is clean and dry before storage. Store the NutriMill Smart Blend in a dry place. Charge the product monthly to avoid battery damage.
  • Page 5 Add 2-1/2 cup filtered water to Mixing Cup. Attach Filter to Lid. Place Lid and Filter into Mixing Cup. Tighten lid by turning counter-clockwise. Enjoy! TIP: When using the Smart Blend for infused water or tea, the total capacity is 2-3/4 cups.
  • Page 6 COFFEE: Place coffee beans into the Mixing Cup. Lower Blender onto Mixing Cup. Screw clockwise to tighten. Double click the power button to start Blender. Turn jar upside down to grind coffee beans. Once ground, turn jar right side up, power off by clicking the power button once. Place Coffee Filter on the Thermos.
  • Page 8 OAT MILK: Add 1/4 cup rolled oats to filter. Lock Filter onto Blender. Pour 1 cup of filtered water into the Mixing Cup. Add 1 tsp maple syrup and a dash of vanilla to the water. Place Blender with attached Filter into the Mixing Cup. Tighten lid until secure.
  • Page 9 SMOOTHIE: Add frozen fruit and juice to blender jar up to fill line. Insert Blender into jar. Tighten lid (clockwise) until secure. Press the power button twice to start Blender. Flip unit upside down to blend. Blend up to 40 seconds. Press power. button twice to re-start blender for another 40 seconds as needed.
  • Page 10: Troubleshooting

    25˚C For other concerns, please contact the customer service department. Do not dismantle and repair. The NutriMill Smart Blend has a 1 year limited warranty for warranty claim visit FOR HOUSEHOLD USE ONLY NOT SUITABLE FOR COMMERCIAL USE...
  • Page 11 RECIPES Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate: • 1 cup coffee beans • 2-1/2 cup filtered water Put coffee beans in the Mixing Cup, blend for 30-40 seconds, shaking the blender as needed. Remove blender, add filtered water to cup until full. Stir mixture, place Cup Lid on the Mixing Cup and twist to tighten.
  • Page 12 Contact us at: with any questions or concerns you may have with your product. 4196 South 950 East St. George, Utah 84790 ® Visit NUTRIMILL.COM to find recipes, accessories, and so much more!

Table of Contents