Ways To Save Power Consumption; Other Notices - RCA RFRF1101 Owner's Manual

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Cleaning and maintaining the appliance

Ways to save power consumption

■ Install the appliance in a cool, well ventilated room, but not in direct sunlight
and not near a heat source (ratiator, cooker, etc.) Otherwise, use an insulating plate.
■ Leave warm food and drinks to cool down firstly.
■ Thaw frozen food by placing it in the refrigerator compartment.
The low temperature of the frozen food will then cool the food in the
refrigerator compartment.
■ Open the appliance door as briefly and short as possible.
■ Defrost and clean the appliance when significant frost has built-up on
the refrigerant tube.
■ Occasionally clean the rear of the appliance with a vacuum cleaner or paint
brush to prevent an increased power consumption.

Other notices

■ Notices when power cut:
1. Open the appliance door as briefly as possible.
2. Do not put new food to avoid temperature increase inside compartments.
■ Notices if it is known power will be cut in advance:
1. Set the temperature control at position 4 ~ 5 for low temperature inside
2. Make some ice cubes and put into the top of the refrigerator compartment.
■ Turning off the appliance
1. The appliance can be turned off by pulling out the plug directly.
2. If the appliance is stopped for a long time, please prepare step by step
as below.
·Turn off the appliance
·Clean the appliance
·Open the door slightly to avoid peculiar smell.
3. Do not stop the appliance normally.
Or the using life of the appliance will be shortened.

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Table of Contents

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