Defrosting; Cleaning The Appliance - RCA RFRF1101 Owner's Manual

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Defrosting the freezer compartment

Cleaning the appliance

■ Much frost on the refrigerant tube will decrease the
freezing efficiency and increase power consumption.
Arrange defrosting once or twice per year in the freezer
compartment. If frost is often heavy, arrange defrosting
more times.
■ Switch off the appliance and pull out the plug before


■ Recommend to defrost when the freezer compartment
is nearly empty or empty.
■ If the freezer compartment stores some food, set the
temperature control at position 5 ~ 7 and freeze the
food for 4 hours for very low temperature.
■ Before defrosting, all the drawers should be taken out
and put in cool place.
■ During defrosting, keep the freezer compartment door
open. Frost is change into water by room temperature.
To accelerate defrosting, put one container full of hot
water can be put into the freezer compartment.
Wipe off frost water and clean the freezer compartment.
■ Do not defrost by steel brush or knife to avoid damage
the refrigerant tube. (Warning: Leaking refrigerant may
ignite or cause eye injuries.)
■ Before cleaning, pull out the plug.
■ During cleaning, prevent water to enter door lamp box.
■ Clean the body by soft towel with water or neutral
cleaning agents.
Clean the door seal with water only and dry throughly.
( For easy cleaning, take off door seal from the door.)
■ Do not use cleaning agents which contain abrasive
( e.g. tooth paste), acid, or alcohol.

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Table of Contents

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