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Freezer Compartment - RCA RFRF1101 Owner's Manual


Table of Contents

Freezer compartment

Making ice cubes
Packing food before freezing
Defreezing frozen food
The freezer compartment is for long time stored food,
freezing food and making ice using removable cube
tray(not included).
■ The freezer drawer can be taken out by lifting up.
■ The top drawer can freeze and store small size food.
■ The middle drawer can freeze and store big size food.
■ The bottom drawer can store food frozen already. .
■ Set one high position for low temperature( e.g.
Position 4) before making ice cubes.
■ Fill the ice cube tray 3 / 4 full of pure water and place
in the freezer compartment.
( Note: pure water can not be too full, or ice cubes will
get whole and hard to remove)
It takes about 2.5 hours to make ice cubes.
■ To loosen the ice cubes, hold the tray briefly under
running water or twist the tray slightly.
■ Recommend to pack food before freezing to avoid
putrefaction and mixing smells.
■ If using a bag, squeeze out the air in the bag
and then seal the bag.
■ Recommend to put one label marked time on the
package before freezing.
■ Frozen food can be defrosted under room temperature,
in refrigerator compartments, in electrical ovens or
in microwave ovens.
■ If you need to refreeze the defrosted food, put the food
into freezer compartment as soon as your can.
(Note: the food can not store longer than the time for
one time freezing.)

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