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Non-Fault Instances - RCA RFRF1101 Owner's Manual


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Non-fault instances

■ Frost on the out surface of the appliance
High humidity in air caused this. Just wipe off frost.
■ Frost on the evaporator surface
The evaporator working temperature is -6.8 F(-20℃). After working for a long time,
the humidity in the air will change into frost on the evaporator.
The frost thickness will gets bigger and bigger with time.
Defrost according to Page 7.
■ High temperature on the door frame of the freezer compartment
It is a special measure to prevent icing around the door.
■ High temperature at the lateral sides
The condenser is inside the upper surface of the lateral sides. The condenser
emits heat when the appliance works.
In summer, the lateral temperature is around 122 F(50℃).
■ High temperature on the compressor
When the appliance works, the temperature on the compressor is about 176 F(80 ℃).
■ Sounds like water current in the appliance
The refrigerant goes through the refrigerant tube when the appliance works.
■ Sounds like clicking noise is heard in appliance
There are shrinkage and expanding between inside body and the refrigerant
■ The compressor can not start
The voltage is too low.
Recommend to fit one voltage regulator with power capacity of 500W or higher.
■ Sounds like buzz
The compressor makes a buzzing sound when working.
If the feet are not adjusted on vertical and stable position, there are shocks
and noises. Adjust the feet on vertical and stable position.
■ Long time starting
In summer, the ambient temperature is high. It is normal that the compressor
starts frequently.

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