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General knowledge for the appliance
General knowledge for the appliance (II)
The compressor and refrigerant decrease the compartment temperature of the
appliance and keep food fresh and nutritious. There will be some sounds while
it is working. It is normal and no damage to the appliance. Do not worry.
■ Keep space among containers
Keep space among containers (e.g.
dishes, plates and wine bottles) in the
compartments, to avoid impacts from
■ Check the drawers and fruit & vegetable
Loosening and impact of the drawers and
fruit & vegetable container can cause
big shocks in the appliance.
Place the drawers and the container well to
avoid shocks.
If the drawer of freezer compartment is
empty, put some food inside to decrease
■ Slight sound like buzz
The compressor makes a buzzing sound
when working. The buzz sound will be
bigger when the compressor starts.
■ Sound like water current and air current
The refrigerant goes through the pipe to
decreases the compartment temperature.
The refrigerant can be gas or liquid in the
pipe. During the flow of the refrigerant,
there is sound like water current and
air current.
■ Sound like click
The sound comes from the switching
on/off of the compressor by the

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