Preparation Before Using; Thermostat; Switching On And Temperature Control - RCA RFRF1101 Owner's Manual

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Preparation before Using

■ Remove all the packing materials include polyfoams and tapes.
■ Check the accessories and documents according to the packing list.
■ Before switching on the appliance for the first time, clean the interior.
■ After installing the appliance, wait for 30 minutes at least before switching
on the appliance. During transportation the oil in the compressor may have
flowed into the refrigeration system.


■ Thermostat knob
·On the thermostat knob, there are positions from 0 to 7.
(Note: Position 0 - 7 identify refrigerations, not temperatures.)
Position 1 = Highest/Warmest setting temperature
Position 7 = Lowest/Coolest setting temperature (keep cooling all the time)
Position 0 = The compressor is off

Switching on and temperature control

■ When switching on the first time, rotate the thermostat knob to position 7
and close the door. After 2 hours, rotate the thermostat knob into normal
working positions ( 1~ 4 ).
■ From position 1 to 7, the compartment temperature is from high to low.
Temperature control
■ For normal working, set position 1 ~ 4.
■ In different seasons, choose different levels for good
freezing effect.
■ If the compressor works for a long time, change high
position into low position.
E.g. Change from position 4 into position 2.

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Table of Contents

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