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Special Instances; General Knowledge ( I ); General Knowledge ( Ii ) - RCA RFRF1101 Owner's Manual


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■ Higher power consumption than the rating parameter
The rating parameter is from the test. Test condition are on 77 F(25℃) ambient
temperature, -64.4 F(-18℃) in the freezer compartment, without opening the doors
and keeping working 24hours.
If with more food inside, on a higher ambient temperature or open the
doors frequently, the actual power consumption is higher.

Special instances

No cooling
The temperature
in the compartments ■ Put too many food inside
is high
If the above special instances can not be handled, please contact the Service Dept.
General knowledge for the appliance
General knowledge for the appliance (I)
For better service, please pay attention to the below general knowledge for the
Possible reasons
■ The plug is not inserted properly
■ The fuse is switched off
■ There is a power cut
■ Open the doors for a long time
■ The thermostat control is not
proper or the ambient
temperature is high
■ Check the plug
■ Check the fuse
■ Please check if power is on
■ Close the door
■ Put food less than the
appliance capacity
■ Adjust the thermostat control
■ Adjusting the feet
Adjust the feet and make sure the
appliance in vertical and stable position.
■ Installing the appliance separately
Install the appliance separately and avoid
resonances between the appliance and
other furniture.

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