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Carrying And Installing The Appliance; Connecting The Appliance - RCA RFRF1101 Owner's Manual


Table of Contents
Product Introduction

Carrying and installing the appliance

Connecting the appliance

■ The rated voltage is 115V. The rated frequency is 60Hz.
■ The socket and its cable should stand more than 10A
■ Carrying
·Carry the appliance by touching the bottom.
Do not carry by touching the door or door handle.
·Do not carry the appliance transversely or in reverse.
·The appliance has 2 wheels on the back.
During moving, lift the front side and move the
appliance useing the two wheels on the back.
The incline angle should be less than 45°.
■ Installing
·Install the appliance in a dry and ventilated room.
The below distances should be required.
from the side panels to wall: 10cm minimum.
from the back to wall: 10cm minimum.
from the top to wall or ceiling: 30cm minimum.
■ The air at the back of the appliance will heat up.
This warm air must be allowed to freely escape,
otherwise the refrigerating machine must perform
more will be overworked. This raises power consumption.
Do not cover or block off the ventilation holes for the
Do not put heating sources near the ventilation holes.
Do not let sunlight shine upon the ventilation holes.
■ Adjust the feet
·There are 2 feet on the front bottom.
·Put the appliance on sturdy & horizontal ground.
Adjust the feet screws by wrench (see the picture) to
vertical and stable position.
Make sure the feet screws touch the ground to
avoid shock and noise.
current. The socket must be fused with a 10A fuse or higher.

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