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Whirlpool MC8990XT Use & Care Manual

Whirlpool convection microwave oven use&care guide mc8990xt, mc8991xt
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  Summary of Contents for Whirlpool MC8990XT

  • Page 2: Parts And Features

    High Cook Power, Microwave Cooking at Low& Cook Powers Parts and features Models MC8990XT LOWER OVEN RACK (not shown) UPPER OVEN RACK DOOR 1 Thank you for buying a-mirlpool For your convenience, please If you need service or call with a question, this information ready.
  • Page 3 Fill out and return the “Microwave Registration missing, please send the model number address to... Whirlpool Corporation Microwave Registration Department Administrative Center 2000 M-63 Benton Harbor, Michigan 49022 This information will help us reach you if there is ever a need to pass along...
  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT Convection microwave ovens have been used successfully number of years. They are thoroughly however, as with any appliance, precautions which must be followed tion and prevent damage to the unit. 4L WARNING fire, injury to persons or exposure Read instructions before appliance.
  • Page 5 Using your convection microwave oven Convection microwave oven controls There are three parts in the control section: -The Digital Display/Clock and Indicator -Command Pads - Number Pads Instructions for each control are covered follc Iwing pages. Read them carefully. When you first plug in the oven, a tone sounds and the Display will show 888:88.
  • Page 6: Setting The Clock

    Programming tone Each time you touch a pad you will hear a tone. If you don’t hear a tone, it is because is not correct, or because the tones have been removed. EXAMPLE: If you touch a Number Pad before you touch a Command The instruction is not correct.
  • Page 7: Using The Minute Timer

    Using the minute timer The Minute Timer does not start or stop cooking. It works like a kitchen timer. You can set it for up to 99 minutes, 99 seconds. THIS HAPPENS... DO THIS... 1. Touch MINUTE TIMER. 2. Touch Number Pads for minutes and seconds.
  • Page 8: Microwave Cooking

    Microwave cooking Be sure to read the CONVECTION information about: What microwave energy How food is cooked by microwave What affects cooking speed and cooking Safety tips. Utensils to use when cooking in a microwave Cooking times for different foods. Important things to remember to get the best microwave...
  • Page 9 4. Touch LESS (7) or MORE (9) if desired. (Sklp to step 5 if you do not wish to shorten or lengthen cooking time.) PAUSE may be used to stop the oven between cycle. See “Using PAUSE” on page 5. Touch START. The C :ategory START is touched.
  • Page 10 SLOW COOK The AUTO SENSOR Slow Cook (number cook, simmer and keep food warm at different maximum of 12 hours (including Keep Warm). If you find that food needs a longer cooking setting allows, you may extend the time by touching SLOW COOK.
  • Page 11: Changing The Cooking Time

    Microwave cooking at high cook power THIS HAPPENS... DO THIS... Put food in the oven and close the door. Touch COOK. 3. Touch Number Pads for the cooking time you want. PAUSE may be set to stop the oven halfway See “Using PAUSE”...
  • Page 12 Microwave cooking at lower cook powers For best results, some recipes call for lower Cook Powers. The lower the Cook Power, the slower the cooking. Each Number Pad also stands for a different CONVECTION MICRO MENUS” Cookbook other books and magazines may tell you by name (HI, MED, LO, etc.) or percentage The following chart gives the percentage...
  • Page 13: Defrosting With Microwave Energy

    6. Touch START. Changing cook power You can change Cook Power before or after touching Touch COOK POWER. Touch a number for the new Cook Power. Touch START. The cycle will cook at the new Cook Power forthe original OR... Touch COOK POWER twice if you want to change .
  • Page 14 3. Touch Number Pads for the defrosting time you want. PAUSE may be set to stop the oven halfway rotate the food. See “Using PAUSE” on page Touch START. Cooking automaticallv after defrosting The controls can be set so the oven goes automatically touched DO THIS...
  • Page 15 5. Touch Number Pads for the Cooking time you want. Touch COOK POWER, if required. (Optlon: Skip to Step 8 If you want to cook at high power.) 7. Touch a Number Pad for the Cook Power you want. 8. Touch START. The Display will show the numbers touched...
  • Page 16: Standing Time

    Standing time For best results, allow the food to stand for a while after defrosting. temperature of the food for more even defrosting. When any cooking function except provides a standing time equal to the time touched begin after the automatic standing the timer will stop until the door is closed About...
  • Page 17 Cooking with the TEMPERATURE The Temperature Probe helps take guesswork designed to turn off the oven when it senses the temperature also be used in BAKE TIME (page 26) or ROAST TIME (page See ~~~~CONVECTION MICRO MENUS” Cookbook of food DO THIS...
  • Page 18 8. Touch START. NOTE: “Err” will be displayed after START is touched, selected (under 90°F or over 200°F). Hints for using the temperature DO... use hot pads when removing probe food or food from oven. stir foods during cooking when recommended.
  • Page 19: Cleaning The Probe

    Temperature probe cooking For casseroles, the tip of the probe should be in the center of the food. Stir foods when recommended. Replace the probe. Casseroles cooked using the Temperature Probe should be made from precooked not use raw meats, raw vegeta- bles and cream sauces in casseroles.
  • Page 20 3. Touch Number Pads for the defrosting time you want. Touch PAUSE. Touch START. Turn over or rearrange food being defrosted. Close door. NOTE: Oven will remain off until you touch START. Touch START. The Display will show the number touched in the order you touched them.
  • Page 21 Using PAUSE with AUTO SENSOR Pause may be used to stop the oven when it advances timed portion. 1. Put food in the oven and close the door. 2. Touch AUTO SENSOR. 3. Touch a Number Pad for the cooking 4.
  • Page 22 Using Hot, cooked foods can be safely kept warm in your convection 99 minutes, 99 seconds (about 1 hour, 40 minutes). KEEP WARM can be used by itself, or it can automatically follow a cooking cycle, PROBE TEMP or AUTO SENSOR cycle. DO THIS...
  • Page 23: Using Auto Start

    Using AUTO START The oven can be set to start automatically cooking for up to 11 hours, 59 minutes. THIS HAPPENS... DO THIS... Make sure the Clock set to correct time of day. See page 6 if any change is needed. 2.
  • Page 24 Touch COOK POWER. (Option: Skip to step 9 if you want to use high power.) Touch a Number Pad for the Cook Power you want. Touch START. The COOK POWER Indicator Light will come on and the Display will show “P-HI!’...
  • Page 25: Additional Information

    Additional information Additional cycles can be set when using AUTO START. Follow instructions (Using AUTO SENSOR, Defrosting, Using KEEP WARM, Convection either before or after you touch START. You can change times, or add cycles 1. Touch the COOK Cycle you wish to change 2.
  • Page 26: Convection Cooking

    Convection cooking Convection cooking circulates hot air through the oven cavity surrounds the food to heat the outer portion foods. This oven uses convection cooking programmed. DO NOT USE THE OVEN WITHOUT THE REMOVABLE TRAY IN PLACE. The bottom metal tray is designed with feet so that air can circulate Sometimes...
  • Page 27 THIS HAPPENS... DO THIS... IliH 1. Touch BAKE TIME. 2. Touch the Number Pads for the desired cooking tme. NOTE: The oven will automatically cook at the preset temperature page 31 if a different temperature is desired. Touch START. 4. Place food in oven.
  • Page 28: Changing Settings

    Using the temperature probe 1. Touch PROBE TEMl? 2. Touch Number Pads for the desired 3. Touch BAKE TIME. (Touch TEMP RESET to change 4. Touch START. 5. When oven reaches selected temperature: a. Insert the Temperature Probe into the food. (See page17.) b.
  • Page 29 4. Place food in oven. Close the door. 5. Touch START again. Changing settings Broiling time may be changed before or after starting the cycle. Touch BROIL TIME, new broiling time, then START. Always check food for doneness just before to add additional cooking time, if required.
  • Page 30 Combination cooking Combination cooking alternates convection This type of cooking is generally used for roasts and large cuts of meats. Refer to CONVECTION MICRO MENUS” Cookbook for suggested Using ROAST TIME/COMBO The ROAST TIME/COMBO cycle can be programmed cooking time. This cycle will cook at 350°F unless another the cooking temperature...
  • Page 31 Using the Temperature Probe with ROAST TIME/COMBO 1. Insert the temperature probe into the food. (See page17.) 2. Place food in the oven and plug the probe (See page 17.) 3. Touch PROBE TEMP 4. Touch Number Pads forthe desired final temperature.
  • Page 32 Using AUTO TEMPICOMBO AUTO TEMPXOMBO provides a short-cut method combination probe temperature settings. This cycle wave cook power settings, plus nine preset probe temperature cook at 350°F (unless another cooking temperature has been reached, the oven maintains microwave Cook Power. AUTO TEMPXOMBO WARM.
  • Page 33 6. Touch START. Changing settings . To change a temperature setting before or after starting the oven, touch TEMP RESET, touch the number pads for new temperature setting, then touch START. To change the microwave Cook Power before or after starting the oven, touch COOK POWER, touch the number pad for the new power NOTE: “Prob”...
  • Page 34: Other Operating Hints

    3. If you touch two instructions into the same cycle, the second 4. Your Convection Microwave oven has a self-diagnostic FAIL 3, or FAIL 4 on the Display, call the Whirlpool (See page 40 for further information.) 5. If foods undercook during...
  • Page 35: Installation Instructions

    If there is any damage, please do not operate until it has been checked by an authorized Whirlpool service technician and any repairs made. 3. Do not block the vent and air intake...
  • Page 36: Grounding Instructions

    The unit is equipped 11 to set high voltage and should not be serviced by an authorized Whirlpool technician. [Time-delay fuse grounded polar- a qualified and obligation...
  • Page 37 Caring for your convection microwave oven BE SURE THE OVEN IS OFF AND COOL BEFORE CLEANING. Keep the oven interior clean Cleaning chart PART WHAT TO USE Exterior Soft cloth and warm soapy surfaces water. Nylon or plastic scrubbing pad for stubborn spots.
  • Page 38 NEVER COOK OR Liquids heated REHEAT A WHOLE EGG. tainers (especially Steam build-up in whole cal-shaped eggs may cause them to become burst and burn you, and uid may splash out with a loud possibly damage the oven. noise during or after heating Slice hard boiled eggs be- or when adding...
  • Page 39 ~Aufl~@f: Do NOT use the oven until you have read and Understand ALL Precautions to prevent damage to the oven. OVERCOOK DO NOT DO NOT use the oven for POTATOES. Fire could storage. Do not leave paper result. At the end of the recom- products, books or cooking mended cooking time they utensils in the oven when not in...
  • Page 40: If You Need Assistance

    Is the Cook Power set correctly? company Is the Probe Temperature If FAIL, FAR 2, FAR 3, or FAIL 4 shows Dlsptay, call your Whirlpool ice arslstance telephone 2. If you need assistance?.. down but Call Whirlpool CCCL-LINE@ service...
  • Page 41: If You Need Service

    Whirlpool appliance. 999-9999 To locate FSP replacement refer to Step 3 above or call your Whirlpool COOL-LINE service assistance number in Step 2. * If you must call or write, please provide: model number, serial number, date of purchase, and a complete description of the problem.
  • Page 42 Notes...
  • Page 43 Notes...
  • Page 44: Warranty


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