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Convection Baking Tips - Whirlpool KEBS177D Use And Care Manual

Whirlpool electric built-in thermal-convection ovens use and care guide
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Do not cover the entire rack with alumi-
num foil. It will reduce air circulation and
cause poor cooking results.
Do not line oven bottom with foil or
other liners. It could affect the quality of
your baking.

Convection baking tips

(Convection Bake pad)
Do not use aluminum foil when convection
baking. Aluminum foil may block airflow.
Reduce recommended recipe oven
temperature by approximately 25°F.
Use EASY CONVECT* Conversion
(see page 29).
For some recipes, you can reduce
convection baking time compared to
standard baking times. Use EASY
CONVECT Conversion (see page 29).
Cooking time may be longer when
you use more than one rack.
When baking on two or three racks, use
the Convection Bake setting for more even
results. (You can, however, use only one
rack when convection baking.)
To use three racks during convection
baking, place one rack in position 5 (the
highest position), another rack in position
1 (the closest to the oven bottom), and the
third rack in position 3. This allows all three
racks to be an equal distance apart for
better baking.
Stagger cake pans or other utensils in
opposite directions on each rack when
three racks are used. This will make sure
pans are not directly over each other.
See "Baking or convection baking"
on page 16 for additional convection
baking tips.
Roasting tips
Spatter can be reduced by lining the
bottom of the roasting pan with lightly
crushed aluminum foil.
Use an accurate meat thermometer or
temperature probe (see page 23) to
determine when meat has reached desired
degree of doneness. Insert the thermom-
eter or probe into the center of the thickest
portion of the meat or inner thigh or breast
of poultry. For an accurate reading, the tip
of the thermometer or probe should not
touch fat, bone, or gristle.
After reading the thermometer once,
push it further into the meat
more and read again. If the temperature
drops, return the meat to the oven for more
Check pork and poultry with a thermo-
meter in 2-3 places to ensure adequate
Poultry and roasts will be easier to
carve if loosely covered with foil and
allowed to stand 10-15 minutes after
removal from the oven.
You can reduce roasting times and
temperatures for most standard recipes
when using the Convection Roast setting.
See convection roasting chart in your
convection oven cookbook for recom-
mended roasting times and temperatures,
or use EASY CONVECT Conversion
(see page 29).
Use the convection roasting rack on the
broiler pan and grid (all included with your
oven). (The convection roasting rack rests
on the broiler pan and grid.) The long side
of the rack should be parallel with the oven
door for best heat distribution and airflow.
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Table of Contents

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