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Complete Installation - Whirlpool Cabrio W10150626A Use & Care Manual

Fabric care system gas dryer
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4. Install the 2 hinges to the front panel of the dryer using
4 screws. Use the non-slotted side to attach the hinge to the
front panel.
5. Install screws in the top hinge holes in the door. Do not
tighten screws. Leave approximately ¼" (5 mm) of screw
A. Install these screws first.
6. Hang door by placing screw heads into top slotted holes of
hinges and slide door down. Align bottom screw holes in
hinge and door. Install two bottom screws. Tighten all hinge
7. Close door to engage door strike.

Complete Installation

1. Check that all parts are now installed. If there is an extra part,
go back through the steps to see which step was skipped.
2. Check that you have all of your tools.
3. Dispose of/recycle all packaging materials.
4. Check the dryer's final location. Be sure the vent is not
crushed or kinked.
5. Check that the dryer is level. See "Level Dryer."
Electrical Shock Hazard
Plug into a grounded 3 prong outlet.
Do not remove ground prong.
Do not use an adapter.
Do not use an extension cord.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in death,
fire, or electrical shock.
6. Plug into a grounded 3 prong outlet. Turn on power.
7. Remove any protective film or tape remaining on the dryer.
NOTE: Glass door models have a protective film on the
window that should be removed.
8. Read "Dryer Use."
9. Wipe the dryer drum interior thoroughly with a damp cloth to
remove any dust.
10. Test dryer operation by selecting a Timed Dry heated cycle
and starting the dryer. For this test, do not select the Air Only
If the dryer will not start, check the following:
Dryer is plugged into a grounded 3 prong outlet.
Electrical supply is connected.
Household fuse is intact and tight, or circuit breaker has
not tripped.
Dryer door is closed.
11. When the dryer has been running for 5 minutes, open the
dryer door and feel for heat. If you feel heat, cancel cycle and
close door. If you do not feel heat, turn off the dryer and
check that the gas supply line shutoff valve is open.
If the gas supply line shutoff valve is closed, open it, then
repeat the 5-minute test as outlined above.
If the gas supply line shutoff valve is open, contact a
qualified technician.

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