Cleaning The Air Filter - Whirlpool ACM102 Use And Care Manual

Whirlpool room air conditioner use & care guide acm102, acm122
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8. Replace filter and hold it in place with
elastic band.
9. Replace the front panel. Locate bottom
of panel on the spring clips. Press down
on top edge of front panel and push it
toward the air conditioner to secure the
upper tabs.
Plug in the power cord.
the air filter
The filter is cleanable. A clean filter helps
remove dust, lint, and other particles from
the air. Check every 2 weeks to see if filter
needs cleaning.
Unplug power cord.
2. Remove front panel from cabinet. (See
"Cleaning the front panel" on page 7.)
3. Remove the elastic band holding the air
filter in place. Remove the air filter.
4. Clean filter by using a vacuum cleaner or,
if very dirty, wash filter with warm water
and a mild detergent. Air dry thoroughly
before replacing.
Do not use a hot air
dryer on filter.
5. Replace filter, elastic band, and
front panel.
6. Plug in power cord.


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