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Installation And Commissioning; Mechanical Installation - Honeywell PCR-310 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

Electronic refrigeration control with mains transformer with tr-310
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5 Installation and commissioning

5.1 Mechanical installation

"Snap-in" housing:
Fit the unit in an aperture 28.5 x 70.5 mm and secure it with the
relevant mounting frame
a) housings with terminal box cover plate
(max. thickness 22 mm):
b) housings without terminal box cover plate
(max. wall thickness 18 mm):
For walls thicker than 10 mm: remove side plastic spacers from the
mounting frame.
For the final fixing at the unit side screws have to be tightened
Use a cable clamp to secure sensor T1 in a suitable position.
Secure evaporator sensor T2 in the evaporator fin core at the point
where it is suspected icing is the greatest. It is advisable to use a
point in the lower third of the finned evaporator.
Mains transformer:
Fit onto back panel of electrics cabinet using the side mounting
holes and screws with a max. diameter of 3.5 mm.



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