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Security Control Measures; Things To Remember; Usage Of Miwi350 In Hazardous Areas; Installation And Commissioning Of Miwi350 In Hazardous Areas - Honeywell MIWI350 Installation And Operation Manual

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1 About MIWI350

1.5.4 Security Control Measures

Security control recommendations are provided hereby to avoid unauthorized external access that may
result in the following:
Loss of system availability
Incorrect execution of controls causing damage to the plant, or theft or contamination of
The capture, modification, or deletion of data
Loss of data
The caution warns you of possible damage to property and provides instructions to avoid
damage to MIWI350.
Use a state full firewall at the business network to restrict access from the business network to
process control network.
Use physical security for process control network systems. Take steps to implement and enforce
physical security of devices in network.
Do not allow the use of unauthorized removable media near to the device installation.
Use strong passwords on network equipment.
Prevent the use of unauthorized laptops on the process control network.
Ensure safe storage of installation media, license keys, and configuration information.
Prevent unauthorized tampering, the device must be physically protected in locked cabinets, and
logically protected with passwords.
The host device and software should be protected by anti virus and patch updated.
Restrict physical access to the device. Avoid access to local interfaces (RS232, Ethernet and
USB interfaces) of RV50 modem.
Avoid default credentials for RV50/CloudLink 4G Modem access. The user is strongly advised to
change the default password for device access.
Refer CloudLink 4G Modem User's Manual for security features in CloudLink 4G Modem and
refer RV50 data sheet for RV50.

1.5.5 Things to Remember Usage of MIWI350 in Hazardous Areas

You may use MIWI350 in hazardous areas, under permitted operating conditions. Ensure to comply with
the applicable laws and regulations, and company policies for the usage of MIWI350. Installation and Commissioning of MIWI350 in Hazardous Areas

MIWI350 must be installed and commissioned only by specially trained and qualified staff. The
installation of the intrinsically safe circuits must comply with the applicable local laws or regulations.
Operate MIWI350 only if the instrument is completely intact.
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