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Defrosting Frozen Goods; Cooling Drinks Quickly - Miele F 2671 Vi Operating And Installation Instructions

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Defrosting frozen goods

Never re-freeze partially or fully de-
frosted food. Defrosted food may only
be re-frozen after it has been cooked.
Frozen goods can be defrosted in differ-
ent ways:
- In a microwave oven
- In an oven using "Fan heat" or the
"Defrost" setting
- At room temperature
- In the refrigerator zone (the cold
given off by the frozen food helps to
keep the other food cold)
- In a steam oven
Flat pieces of partially thawed meat
or fish can be placed directly into a hot
frying pan.
Meat and poultry (e.g. mince, chicken,
fish fillets) should not come into contact
with other foods while defrosting. Catch
the liquid from defrosting and dispose
of it carefully.
Fruit should be defrosted at room tem-
perature in its packaging, or in a
covered bowl.
Most vegetables can be cooked while
still frozen. Just put straight into boiling
water or hot fat. The cooking time is
slightly less than that of fresh veget-
ables due to changes in the cell struc-
Freezing and storing food

Cooling drinks quickly

When cooling drinks quickly in the
freezer, make sure bottles are not left in
for more than one hour; otherwise
they could burst, causing injury and