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Detergents And Additives; Using Chlorine Bleach - Whirlpool AWE 6112 Instructions For Use Manual

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Keep detergents and additives in a safe, dry
place out of the reach of children.
Do not use any solvents (e.g. turpentine,
benzene); do not machine wash fabrics that
have been treated with solvents or flammable
Only use detergents and/or additives that are
specifically produced for domestic washing
machines. Observe the recommendations on the
care labels of your laundry.
The choice of detergent depends on:
• Type of fabric
• Colour
• Recommended wash temperature
• Degree and type of soiling
Laundry type
White robust laundry
White delicate laundry
Light /pastel- shaded
colours (cold-60°C):
Intensive colours
For laundry requiring special treatment (e.g. wool
or microfibers), we recommend to use specialized
detergents, additives or pre-treatment available on the
market. Refer to internet link for
more detailed information.
Do not use liquid detergent for the main wash
when having activated the "Prewash" option.
Do not use liquid detergent when selecting a
later cycle start / cycle end (depending on the
Follow the dosage recommendations on the detergent
pack. They depend on:
• degree and type of soiling
• size of wash
- full load: follow the detergent manufacturer's
- half load: 3/4 the amount used for a full load;
- minimum load (about 1 kg): half the amount used
for a full load
If there is no reference to a certain wash load on
the detergent pack: the detergent manufacturers
usually refer their dosing recommendations to 4.5
kg laundry for heavy duty detergent and 2.5 kg
laundry for delicate detergent.
• water hardness in your area (ask for information
from your water company). Soft water requires less
detergent than hard water.
Kind of detergent
heavy duty detergents with
mild detergents with bleach
and/or optical brighteners
detergents with bleach and/
or optical brighteners
colour detergents without
bleach/optical brighteners
special detergents for black/
dark laundry
Please note:
Too much detergent can result in excess foam
formation, which reduces washing efficiency. If the
washing machine detects too much foam, it may
prevent spinning, or prolong the programme duration
and increase the water consumption (see also
remarks on foam formation in the "Troubleshooting
Guide"). Insufficient detergent may result in grey
laundry and also calcifies the heating system, drum
and hoses.
Where to put detergents and additives
(picture 17)
Prewash chamber
• Detergent for the prewash phase (only if you
have activated "prewash" option)
Main wash chamber
• Detergent for the main wash phase (must be
added for all wash programmes)
• Additive for stain removal (optional)
• Water softener (optional; recommendable for
water hardness class 4 or more)
Softener chamber
• Fabric softener (optional)
• Starch dissolved in water (optional)
Do not exceed the "MAX" level mark when filling in
detergent, additives or softener.
For more information regarding the application of
detergent and fabric softener in the programmes,
have a look at the separate program chart.

Using chlorine bleach

• Wash your laundry in the desired programme
(Cotton, Synthetics), adding an appropriate amount
of chlorine bleach to the SOFTENER chamber
(close the lid carefully).
• Immediately after end of programme, start the
"Rinse and Spin" programme to eliminate any
residual bleach smell; if you want, you can add
• Never put both chlorine bleach and softener into
the softener chamber at the same time.
Using starch powder
• Wash your laundry in the desired wash
• Prepare the starch solution according to the starch
manufacturer's instructions.
• Fill the prepared starch solution (maximum 100
ml) into the softener chamber of the detergent
• Close the lid and start programme "Rinse and
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Table of Contents

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