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Description Of The Washing Machine; Installation - Whirlpool AWE 6112 Instructions For Use Manual

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a. Lid
b. Detergent dispenser
c. Drum
d. Pump access behind filter


Removal of transport bracket
The washing machine is fitted with a transport bracket
to avoid any possible damage during transport.
IMPORTANT: Before using the washing machine,
the transport bracket at the back MUST be
1. Unscrew the two screws "A" and the four screws
"B" with a flat screwdriver or a No. 8 hex nut box
spanner (picture 2).
2. Remove the transport bracket (picture 3).
3. Replace the four outer screws "B" on the machine
and tighten them (picture 2).
4. Clip the two covers "C" supplied into the openings
"D" of the washing machine (picture 4).
Note: do not forget to replace and tighten the four
outer screws.
Adjust the feet (picture 5, 6)
Install the washing machine on a level surface, near
to electrical, water and drain connections.
If the floor is uneven, adjust the feet (do not insert
pieces of wood, cardboard etc. under the feet):
1. Screw out the washing machine´s feet by hand
with 2-3 clockwise turns and then slacken the
locknut by wrench.
2. Adjust the height of the feet by hand.
3. Retighten the locknut by turning it anti-clockwise
towards the washing machine's bottom.
Make sure that the feet are resting correctly on the
floor and that the washing machine is perfectly
level and stable (use a spirit level).
The washing machine can be installed in an area 40
cm wide and 63 cm deep.
Note: if you install the machine on thick carpet, adjust
the feet to ensure that there is sufficient space under
the machine for the air to circulate.
Connect the water inlet hose (picture 7)
1. Carefully screw the water inlet hose to the valve
on the rear side of the washing machine (A); screw
the other end of the hose to the tap by hand.
2. Make sure there are no kinks in the hose.
3. Check water-tightness of tap and washing machine
connections by turning the tap completely on.
• If the hose is too short, replace it with a suitable
length of pressure resistant hose (1000 kPa min,
EN 61770 approved type).
• If you need a longer waterstop hose, contact our
After Sales Service or your dealer.
e. After-Sales Service sticker (behind the filter cover)
f. Mobility lever (depending on model). To move the
washing machine: pull the handle out a little bit by
hand and pull it out to the stop with the foot.
g. Adjustable feet
• Check the inlet hose regularly for brittleness and
cracks and replace if necessary.
• The washing machine can be connected without a
backflow valve.
Water stop anti-flooding system (picture 8)
(if available)
• Screw the hose to the water supply tap. Turn the
tap fully on and check the water-tightness of the
• The washing machine must not be connected to
the mixing tap of a non-pressurized water heater!
• Do not immerse the water stop device of the hose
into water; otherwise it will loose its protective
• If the flexible hose is damaged, unplug the washing
machine from the mains immediately, turn off the
tap and replace the hose.
• If the flexible hose is too short, replace it with a 3
m Water Stop hose (available from After-Sales
Service or from your dealer).
Connect the water drain hose (picture 9)
Unhook the drain hose from the left clip, see arrow
"A" on picture.
Do NOT loosen the drain hose from the right con-
nection, see arrow "B" on picture. Otherwise, there
is the risk of leakage and of scalding with hot water.
Firmly connect the drain hose to the siphon or another
outlet for drain water.
If you need to add an extension, use a flexible hose
of the same size and secure the unions with screw-on
hose clips.
Maximum overall drain hose length: 2.50 m.
Maximum drain height: 100 cm.
Minimum drain height: 55 cm.
Make sure there are no kinks in the drain hose and
take precautions against it falling while the washing
machine is running.
EN 3
(picture 1)


Table of Contents

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