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Before The First Wash Cycle; Preparation Of The Laundry - Whirlpool AWE 6112 Instructions For Use Manual

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To remove any residual water used in testing by the
manufacturer, we recommend that you carry out a
short wash cycle without laundry.
1. Open the tap.
2. Close the drum flaps.
3. Add a small amount of detergent (maximum


Sort the laundry
1. Sort the laundry according to...
• Type of fabric / care label symbol
Cottons, mixed fibres, easy care/synthetics, wool,
handwash items.
• Colour
Separate whites and coloureds. Wash new
coloured items separately.
• Size
Wash items of different sizes in the same load to
improve washing efficiency and distribution in the
• Fabric delicacy
Wash delicate articles separately: use a special
programme for Pure New Wool
other delicates. Always remove curtain glides or
wash curtains with the glides inside a cotton bag.
Use the special programme for handwash fabrics.
Wash stockings, belts and other small items or
articles with hooks (e.g. bras) in special cotton
bags for washing machines or in zipped pillow
2. Empty pockets
Coins, safety pins and similar items can damage
your laundry as well as the washing machine's
drum and tub.
3. Fasteners
Close zips and fasten buttons or hooks; loose belts
or ribbons should be tied together.
Stain remwoval
• Blood, milk, egg and other organic substances are
generally removed by the enzyme phase of the
• To remove red wine, coffee, tea, grass and
fruitstains etc. add a stain remover to the main
wash chamber
• Particularly stubborn stains should be treated
before the wash.
Dyeing and bleaching
• Only use dyes and bleaches that are suitable
forwashing machines.
• Follow the manufacturer's instructions.
• Plastic and rubber parts of the machine may be
stained by dyes or bleaches.
, curtains and
of the detergent dispenser.
1/3 of the quantity the detergent manufacturer
recommends for lightly soiled laundry) to the main
wash chamber
4. Close the lid.
5. Select and start programme "Synthetics" at 60°C
(see separate the programme chart).
Loading the laundry
1. Open the machine lid by pulling it upwards.
2. Open the drum
- by pushing the drum flap release (picture 10,11);
models as shown on picture 10 have a fixed
drum flap release which will not compress when
- by holding the rear drum flap, sliding back the
slider into arrow direction and pushing the front
flap towards the inside of the drum until the
closing mechanism releases (picture 12).
3. Place the items of laundry into the drum one by
one. Do not exceed the maximum load of the
programmes indicated in the separate programme
- Overloading the machine will result in
unsatisfactory washing results and creased
- Take care that the laundry does not overhang the
drum; if this is the case, push the laundry down
into the drum so that there is enough free space
to close the drum flaps properly.
- Do not use the flaps to push the laundry into the
4. To close the drum, hold both flaps in the middle
again (picture 13), the rear flap over the front flap.
ATTENTION: make sure that the drum flaps are
properly locked - depending on the model:
- all metal hooks must be properly hooked inside
the rear door flap - see picture 14.
- all metal hooks must be properly hooked inside
the rear door flap, and the button must overlap
the edge of the rear door flap see picture 15.
- the slider of the front flap must slightly overlap
the rear flap - see picture 16.
Check that no laundry gets stuck between the flaps,
or between flaps and drum.
EN 5
of the detergent dispenser.


Table of Contents

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