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Whirlpool AWE 6112 Instructions For Use Manual page 12

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Table of Contents
Description of failure indicators
Failure indicator
lights up
"Water tap
"Clean pump"
If your washing machine has no display, check which of the previously described situations could be
the origin of the fault and follow the corresponding instructions.
Indication on display
(if available)
(in case your washing
machine has no display:
all lamps of the
programme flow bar light
from "F02" to "F35"
(except "F09")
Description - Causes - Solutions
Appliance stops during the programme. "Drum flaps
open" (the drum flaps have not been closed properly).
Push the "Reset" button for at least 3 seconds and wait
until the "Door open"
drum flaps, then select and start desired programme
again. If fault persists, notify our After-Sales Service.
"Electrical module fault".
Select and start "Drain" programme or push "Reset"
button for at least 3 seconds.
"Water level too high" (after programme cancellation or
false operating). Switch off appliance and then switch it
on again, select programme "Drain" and start within 15
"Waterstop fault"
Switch off appliance, pull out mains plug and turn water
tap off. Tilt appliance forward carefully to allow collected
water to flow out from the bottom. Then:
• Plug in the appliance again.
• Turn the water tap on (if water immediately flows into
the appliance without the appliance being started,
there is a failure; turn off the tap and notify After-Sales
• Select and start the desired programme again.
Too much foam interrupted the wash programme.
• Select and start "Rinse & Spin" programme.
• Afterwards select and start desired programme again,
using less detergent.
If faults persist, unplug the appliance, turn off the water
tap and contact our After-Sales Service
Appliance has no or insufficient water supply. The "Start
(Pause)" light blinks. Check whether:
• Water tap is fully open and water supply pressure is
• Kinks are present in water inlet hose.
• Mesh filter of water supply hose is blocked (see "Care
and Maintenance").
• Water hose is frozen up.
• Safety valve inspection window of your water supply
hose is red (provided your appliance has a water
supply hose as shown on picture 22 - see previous
chapter "Care and Maintenance"); replace the hose by
a new one available through our After-Sales Service or
your specialist dealer.
After problem has been removed, restart programme
by pressing "Start (Pause)". If the fault occurs again,
contact our After-Sales Service.
Waste water is not pumped out. The appliance stops in
the corresponding programme step; unplug it and check
• Kinks are present in the drain hose.
• Filter or pump is blocked (see chapter "Cleaning the
Filter/ Draining Residual Water"; make sure the water
has cooled before draining the appliance).
• The drain hose is frozen up.
After problem has been removed, select and start "Drain"
programme or push "Reset" button for at least 3 seconds;
afterwards restart desired programme. If the fault occurs
again, contact our After-Sales-Service.
EN 10
lights up. Open lid and close
F - 11/2014


Table of Contents

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