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Key To Symbols And Safety Instructions; Key To Symbols; Security Measures - Bosch TR2000T Series User And Installation Manual

Electrical storage water tank
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Key to symbols and safety instructions


Key to symbols

Warnings in this document are identified by
a warning triangle printed against a grey
Keywords at the start of a warning indicate
the type and seriousness of the ensuing risk
if measures to prevent the risk are not taken.
The following keywords are defined and can be used in this
NOTICE indicates a situation that could result in damage to
property or equipment.
CAUTION indicates a situation that could result in minor to
medium injury.
WARNING indicates a situation that could result in severe
injury or death.
DANGER indicates a situation that will result in severe
injury or death.
Important information
This symbol indicates important information
where there is no risk to people or property.
Additional symbols
Symbol Explanation
Step in an action sequence
Cross-reference to another part of the document
List entry
List entry (second level)
Table 1

Security Measures

▶ Installation must only be carried out
by an authorised service.
▶ IEC 60364-7-701 must be observed
when installing the appliance and or
electrical accessories.
▶ The appliance must be installed in a
TR2000T – 6 720 885 113 (2018/04)
Key to symbols and safety instructions
room free from the risk of frost.
▶ First connect the appliance
hydraulically and fill with water, then
connect the power supply.
▶ During the installation isolate the
appliance from the power supply.
Installation and conversion
▶ Only permit an authorised service to
install this appliance.
▶ Never obstruct the safety valve outlet.
▶ During the heat-up, water may be
expelled from the safety valve.
▶ Only authorised technicians are
permitted to service this appliance.
▶ Isolate the appliance from its power
supply before commencing any
maintenance work on the appliance.
▶ Customers are responsible for the
safety and environmental
compatibility of the appliance as well
as its maintenance.
▶ Use only original spare parts.
▶ To ensure compliance with all safety
requirements, a defective power
cable may only be replaced by an
authorised service.



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