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Functional Description; Battery Protection System; Maintenance - Makita CJ105D Instruction Manual

Cordless heated jacket/cordless heated vest
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Power button
To turn on the jacket or vest, press and hold the power
button (about 1.5 seconds). To turn off, press and hold
the power button again.
Temperature adjustment
There are three temperature settings (high, medium,
low). When you switch on the jacket or vest, the tem-
perature is set to "high". Each time you press the power
button, the temperature setting changes as shown in
the figure. The color of the power button shows the
current setting.
► Fig.11: 1. Red: "high" 2. White: "medium" 3. Blue:
Indicating the remaining battery
Only for battery cartridges with the indicator
► Fig.12: 1. Indicator lamps 2. Check button
Press the check button on the battery cartridge to indi-
cate the remaining battery capacity. The indicator lamps
light up for a few seconds.
Indicator lamps
(For 14.4 V and 18 V batteries only)
(For 14.4 V and 18 V batteries only)
NOTE: Depending on the conditions of use and the
ambient temperature, the indication may differ slightly
from the actual capacity.

Battery protection system

The device is equipped with a battery protection sys-
tem. This system automatically cuts off power to the
heating parts to extend battery life. If the remaining
battery capacity is too low, the device will not operate.
When you turn the device on, the power is supplied to
the heating parts again, but stops soon. In this situation,
remove and recharge the battery cartridge.
75% to 100%
50% to 75%
25% to 50%
0% to 25%
Charge the
The battery
may have
Connecting USB devices
Connect only devices that are
compatible with the USB power supply port. Not
doing so may cause a malfunction of the battery
Before connecting a USB device to
the battery holder (with the battery), always back
up the data on the USB device. Not doing so may
cause a loss of your data.
The battery holder (with the battery cartridge) can work
as an external power supply for USB devices.
Open the cover and connect a USB cable (not included)
to the power supply port of the battery holder. Then con-
nect the other end of the cable to the device and turn on
the switch next to the USB port.
The battery holder (with the battery cartridge) supplies
DC 5 V, 2.4 A (maximum).
► Fig.13: 1. Cover 2. Switch
The USB cable can be placed inside the jacket or vest
for convenience using the hole in the pocket and the
cable holder.
For CJ105D / DCJ205 / CJ106D / DCJ206
► Fig.14: 1. USB cable
For CV102D / DCV202
► Fig.15: 1. USB cable
NOTE: The battery holder may not supply power to
some USB devices.
NOTE: When not in use or after charging, remove the
USB cable and close the cover.
NOTE: Battery power is consumed while the switch is
turned on. Always turn off the switch when not in use.
NOTE: When charging multiple USB devices in suc-
cession, wait about 10 seconds after charging of the
previous device has completed before beginning to
charge the next device.


Always be sure that the jacket is
switched off and the battery cartridge is removed
before attempting to perform inspections or
If the jacket does not switch on
or any fault is found with a fully charged battery
cartridge, clean the terminals of the battery holder
and the battery cartridge. If the jacket still does
not work properly, stop using the jacket and con-
tact our authorized service center.
Never use gasoline, benzine, thinner,
alcohol or the like. Discoloration, deformation or
cracks may result.
To maintain product SAFETY and RELIABILITY,
repairs, any other maintenance or adjustment should
be performed by Makita Authorized or Factory Service
Centers, always using Makita replacement parts.



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