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Intended Use; Safety Warnings; Save All Warnings And Instruc- Tions For Future Reference - Makita CJ105D Instruction Manual

Cordless heated jacket/cordless heated vest
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Do not insert pins.
Tumble dry with low heat.
Line drying.
Class III appliance.
Only for EU countries
Do not dispose of electric equipment or
battery pack together with household waste
material! In observance of the European
Directives, on Waste Electric and Electronic
Equipment and Batteries and Accumulators
and Waste Batteries and Accumulators
and their implementation in accordance
with national laws, electric equipment and
batteries and battery pack(s) that have
reached the end of their life must be col-
lected separately and returned to an envi-
ronmentally compatible recycling facility.

Intended use

The heated jacket or vest is intended for warming up
the body in cold environments.


Read all safety warnings and all
instructions. Failure to follow the warnings and instruc-
tions may result in electric shock, fire and/or serious injury.
Save all warnings and instruc-
tions for future reference.
The term "jacket" in the warnings and precautions refers
to the jacket or vest.
General safety warnings
Children, handicapped persons, or anyone
who are insensitive to heat, for example a per-
son with poor blood circulation, shall refrain
from using the jacket.
Do not use the jacket other than its intended use.
Never use the jacket when inside of it is wet.
Do not wear the jacket with bare skin.
If you sense anything unusual, switch off the
jacket and remove the battery holder immediately.
Do not let the power cable be pinched.
Damaged cable may cause electric shock.
If any abnormality is found, contact your local
service center for repair.
Do not use pins or like. The electric wiring
inside may be damaged.
Keep maintenance labels and nameplate. If
they become unreadable or missing, contact
our authorized service center for repair.
Choose appropriate temperature settings in accor-
dance with the usage environment for continuous use.
The battery cartridge, battery holder and con-
nectors must not be allowed to get wet during
washing and drying.
The appliance is not to be used by young chil-
dren unless the controls have been pre-set by
a parent or guardian, or unless the child has
been adequately instructed on how to operate
the controls safely.
Be careful not to touch the same part of the
skin with the heating section for a long time. If
the heating section touches the same part of the
skin for a long time, there is a possibility of low
temperature burns even at a relatively low tem-
perature (40 to 60 °C).
Stop using the jacket when you feel it is hot.
Never use the jacket while you are sleeping.
In order to avoid the possibility of heatstroke,
disconnect the clothing when moving to an envi-
ronment having significantly higher temperature.
Check carefully on the marking
nal part of the cloth. Do not insert pins on the
cloth from external or internal parts.
Remove the batteries from the jacket before charging.
Remove exhausted batteries from the jacket
and dispose of them safely.
Before storing the jacket for a long period,
remove the batteries.
Do not short-circuit the supply terminals.
When washing the jacket, follow the instruc-
tions in the caution tag on the jacket.
Before cleaning the jacket, remove the battery holder
and the battery cartridge and then place the power
cable in the battery pocket and close the fastener.
Work area safety
Keep work area clean and well lit. Cluttered or
dark areas increase accident risk.
Electrical safety
Do not expose the jacket to rain or wet condi-
tions. Water entering the jacket may increase the
risk of electric shock.
Do not abuse the cord. Never use the cord
for carrying, pulling or unplugging the jacket.
Keep cord away from heat, oil, sharp edges.
Do not connect power source to USB port.
Otherwise there is risk of fire. The USB port is only
intended for charging lower voltage device.
Always place the cover onto the USB port
when not charging the lower voltage device.
Do not insert a nail, wire, etc. into USB power
supply port. Otherwise a circuit short may cause
smoke and fire.
Do not handle the cord and battery with wet or
greasy hand.
Never use the jacket when the cord or plug is damaged.
Always use the battery holder specified by Makita.
Do not leave any cord disconnected while the
battery power is supplied. Young children may
put the live plug in their mouth and cause injury.
Do not connect the plug of the battery holder
to appliances other than the jacket specified
by Makita.
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