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Power Wiring - Honeywell WEB-300E Series Installation Instructions Manual


Table of Contents
Table 3. Accessory modules
DIN-mountable, 24V isolated power module, used to
power the controller from a dedicated, external,
Class-2, 24Vac transformer or a 24Vdc power supply.
DIN-mountable, Universal 120–240Vac input, 15Vdc
output, 30W power supply to power the controller.
DIN-mountable, 16 points I/O module, used to
provide I/O points as noted.
DIN-mountable, combined 34 points I/O with 24V
isolated power module, used to provide
I/O points as well as power the controller from a
dedicated, external, Class-2, 24Vac transformer or a
24Vdc power supply.
A wall mount AC adapter (NPB-WPM-US/U) is also available; however, it is not an accessory module that mounts on
the 20-pin connector of the controller.
See Fig. 3 on page 5 to locate connectors and
components on the controller.
Make connections to the controller in the following order.
1. Install any option card (LON, RS-485, RS-232, etc.)
in the available option slots.
See "Installing an Option Card" on page 6 for a pro-
cedure. For complete details, refer to the document
that shipped with the option card.
If installing the optional NiMH battery, do that after
inserting option card(s). See "NiMH Battery Installa-
tion and Maintenance" on page 14.
2. Connect supplied grounding wire from the earth
ground lug on the controller, as well ground wire for
each accessory module, to a nearby earth ground-
ing point.
See "Grounding" on page 7.
3. Prepare power wiring (leave unit powered off). See
"Power Wiring" on page 7.
4. Connect communications cables. See "Communi-
cations Wiring" on page 9 for ports on the controller.
For ports on any installed option card (485-PWR,
LON, RS-485, modem) see the option's specific
mounting and wiring guide for details.
5. If I/O accessory modules are installed, connect I/O
wiring. Refer to the appropriate mounting and wiring
guide for details.
6. Apply power to the unit. See "Initial power up and
checkout." on page 12.
An earth ground spade lug (0.187") is provided on the
controller base for connection to earth ground. For
maximum protection from electrostatic discharge or other
forms of EMI, connect the supplied earth grounding wire
to this lug and a nearby earth ground. Keep this wire as
short as possible, see Fig. 4 on page 8.
Wire the earth ground spade lug of accessory modules in
the same manner.
compatible with the WEB/CP 300E and WEB/CP 600E/U Series controller
Only one NPB-PWR-H/U per controller.
• Do not install if using NPB-WPM-US/U or
• For wiring, see "NPB-PWR-H/U" on page 8.
Only one NPB-PWR-UN-H/U per controller.
• Do not install if using NPB-WPM-US/U or
• For wiring, see "NPB-PWR-UN-H/U" on page 8.
Up to four (maximum) IO-16-H/U modules are supported.
Each provides these I/O points:
• 8 - Universal Inputs (UIs).
• 4 - Digital Outputs (DOs), SPST-relay type.
• 4 - Analog Outputs (AOs), 0–10Vdc type.
Wiring is covered in the IO-16-H/U Installation Instructions.
Only one IO-34-H/U module per controller.
This module provides these I/O points:
• 16 - Universal Inputs (UIs).
• 10 - Digital Outputs (DOs), SPST-relay type.
• 8 - Analog Outputs (AOs), 0–10Vdc type.
Wiring is covered in the IO-34-H/U Installation Instructions.

Power Wiring

The controller must be powered by an approved 15 Vdc
power source. This can be either
the NPB-PWR-H/U, a 24Vac/dc-powered module, or the
NPB-PWR-UN-H/U, a line-powered 120–240Vac module.
Or, an external Class 2 wall mount AC adapter (NPB-
WPM-US/U) can be used for controller power.
NOTE: See "Environmental Requirements" on
page 3 for mains supply requirements.
The controller does not include an on/off switch. To apply
power, you either:
• if NPB-PWR-H/U, plug in its 2-position power
• if NPB-PWR-UN-H/U, energize the AC circuit (120–
240 Vac) wired to that module.
• if NPB-WPM-US/U, plug in the power connector to the
Do not connect both the NPB-WPM-US/U and
NPB-PWR-H/U / NPB-PWR-UN-H/U supplies at
the same time, or equipment damage may
Power consumption depends mainly on installed I/O
modules, and may vary from:
• Controller alone (with or without installed option cards):
approximately 7.5 VA (AC) or 7.5 W (DC).
• Controller (with or without installed option cards), plus four
(4) IO-16-H/U modules: up to 20 VA (AC) or 20 W (DC).
A fourth power option is available: a IO-34-H/U acces-
sory module, which is a combination of the NPB-PWR-
H/U module and two IO-16-H/U modules (plus two extra
relays). Refer to its mounting and wiring document for
more details. For a listing of modules, see "About Acces-
sory Modules" on page 6.
DIN-mountable module:

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents