Novatel MIFI MiFi 2200 Product User Manual

Verizon wireless mobile broadband / nationalaccess, intelligent mobile hotspot.
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Mobile Broadband / NationalAccess
MiFi™ 2200 – Intelligent Mobile
Product user guide

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    Mobile Broadband / NationalAccess     MiFi™ 2200 – Intelligent Mobile Hotspot Product user guide...

  • Page 2

    800/1900 bands and Wi-Fi enabling you to connect multiple devices at high speeds to the Internet, your corporate Intranet, Wi-Fi-enabled devices and email virtually anywhere!   The MiFi 2200 Package  The Verizon Wireless MiFi 2200 package includes: Verizon Wireless MiFi 2200 AC Wall Charger Lithium Ion Battery Storage Pouch...

  • Page 3: Wireless Communications

    Fading is caused by se ifferent fac tors including signal reflection, the ionosphere, and interference from other dio channels. Verizon Wireless or its partners wi resulting from the delays or errors device, or failure of the MiFi 2200 device to transmit or re Safety hazards ...

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    Limitation of liability  The informat ion contained in this document should n ot be construed as a commitment by Verizon Wireless Inc. Copyrigh t  ©20 09 Verizon Wireless, Inc. Patents ...

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    Softwa re Drivers License Proprietary Rights Provisions: The softwa re drivers provided with this product are copyrighted by Verizon Wireless and/or Verizon Wir eless’ supplie rs. And although copyrighted, the software drivers are ublished and embody valuable trade secrets prop Verizon Wir eless’...

  • Page 6

    Mobile Hotspot by Novatel Wireless with Mobile Broadband and Wi-Fi! MiFi 2200 is an Intelligent Mobile Hotspot, empowering you with high-speed data access on the Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband wireless data network and Wi-Fi connectivi With the MiFi 2200, you can: •...

  • Page 7

    • Choose between Two Operating Modes: Mobile Broadband with USB Cable or Wi-Fi The MiFi 2200 package includes a battery for operation via Wi-Fi and a USB ca USB Cable mode supports Windows Vista, XP, 2000; Mac OS X 10.4 or higher. *See System Requirements for a complete list of operating system support.

  • Page 8

    Care of Your MiFi 2200 Wireless Modem  As with any electronic device, the MiFi 2200 must be handled with care to ensure reliable operation. Verizon Wireless recommends the following handling guidelines: Do not apply adhesive labels to the MiFi 2200; they may cause the device to •...

  • Page 9

    LED States  Service Status Indicator (LED) The MiFi 2200 is designed with a status light that simply indicates what the connection status is. LED Color LED not lit GREEN - Solid GREEN – slow blinking GREEN – intermittent blinking Power Button (LED) The MiFi 2200 is designed with a power button that lights up to indicate whether or not ice is powered on and what the charging status is.

  • Page 10

    144 kbps. FTP data files without compres Kbps and upload speeds will be 60–80 Kbps) or and coverage may vary. Speed claims not applicable ot applicable when roaming. l and s service when outside sion. Verizon Wireless is...

  • Page 11: Getting Started

    Getting Started In order to get started with your new device, you will need to follow a few simple steps: Review and conf irm that your computer meets the minimum system requirements Insert and charge the battery Plug in to USB and activate the MiFi 2200 (**Battery must be inserted to use MiFi via USB) The MiFi 2200 System Requirem To install and use the MiFi 2200, your host computer must meet these requirements: Operating System...

  • Page 12

    How to Use Your MiFi 2200 This chapter provides information and instructions for setting up the MiFi 2200 for the first e. There are two power modes of use with the MiFi 2200, Mobile Broadband and which are detailed in this section. The Quick R eference Guide that was included in the box when you purchased your product th VZAccess Manager Software User Guide details the installation and configuration...

  • Page 13: Battery Tips

    How to use the Battery  Battery tips Battery life depends on the network, signal strength, temperature, features, and accessories you use. Always use Novatel Wireless O cover damage caused by non-Novatel Wireless batteries and/or chargers. New batteries or batteries stored for a long time may take more time to charge. When charging your battery, keep it near ro When storing your battery, keep it uncharged in a cool, dark, dry place.

  • Page 14

    How to insert and charge the battery 1. Open the battery compartment, located on the bottom of the device. Insert the battery by lining up the gold contact points on the battery with the gold contact points in the battery compartment. 3.

  • Page 15

    Powering the MiFi 2200 On and Off  To power the device on: 1. Press the Power LED button until the Power LED lights up solid green. To power the device off: 1. If the device is plugged into your computing device with the USB Cable, disconnect/unplug the USB cable from the device first. 2.

  • Page 16

    3. Right-click the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the notification area, click Safely Remove Hardware, click the device, and th 4. Simply pull the cable from both the 5. The device remain s powered on until you press and hold the power button to turn it off.

  • Page 17

    VZAccess Manager must be installed. Refer to the Quick Reference Guide that came with your device for details. ORTANT: The MiFi 2200 requires an activated account with Verizon Wire Mi i 2200 can be activated three ways: •...

  • Page 18

    Installation: Windows and Mac  Turn on your computing device and close all applications. Connect the MiFi 2200 to your computer using the included USB Cable. a) Insert the USB cable into the microUSB port on and the other end into the USB port of your computer. b) MiFi 2200 will power on automatically.

  • Page 19

    If your device was not activated prior to installation of VZAccess Manager, the software will connect to the Verizon Wireless activa instructions to complete the activation. Set up is complete. tion website. Follow the on-screen...

  • Page 20

    cessing the User Guides The User Guides may be easily accessed after VZAccess Manager has been installed. Your device in cludes two User Guides: • VZAccess Manager Software User Guide – Details the functions of VZAccess Manager • The MiFi 2200 Product User Guide – Details the MiFi 2200’s hardware features and Wi-Fi configuration.

  • Page 21

    Connecting in Wi-Fi Mode the first time: Access MiFi Settings Ov v er iew  After V ZAccess M anager and the device drivers have been installed on your computer, you y elect to use the MiFi 2200 in WiFi Mode. The Web-based User Interface (shortened to Web UI in most of this document) is used to configure the MiFi 2200 while it is in “Wi-Fi”...

  • Page 22: Welcome Page, Status Information

    Connecting to the MiFi 2200’s MiFi Settings  To connect to the MiFi Settings in the MiFi 2200, follow this procedure: 1. Establish a Wi-Fi connection to the MiFi 2200. your normal Wi-Fi manager on your computer to establish a Wi-Fi nection from your computer to the MiFi 2200. The Wi-Fi settings must match those in use on the MiFi 2200.

  • Page 23

    2. Internet Status This section provides details of the Internet connection by the MiFi 2200. If no Internet connection currently ex empty or zero. • Received - For the current Internet received. • Transmitted - For the current Internet con transmitted.

  • Page 24

    e Page Once yo u login, the Welcome page changes to the Home page. This is a lmost identical to the Welcome page, but now some configuration options are available. Menu The menu is no d w isplayed, allowing you to navigate to any of the configuration pages. The available page s are described in the following sections of this chapter.

  • Page 25

    Wi-Fi Screen This page is accessed via the menu, and contains all settings relat called Wi-Fi network or 802.11 network. Wi-Fi Profiles Wireless settings are contained in "Profiles". Three (3) profiles are available: • Secure - Wireless security must be enabled. •...

  • Page 26

    • Change the Selected Profile to the Profile you wish to change. • Wait for t he screen to update with the Wi-Fi settings for the selected profile. • Change the settings as desire these settings cannot be changed directly. For this Profile, you can only click “Generate”...

  • Page 27

    Buttons • dat Profile - Use this to update the settings for the selected profile, without using it. This button is only available if the "Selected Profile" is different to the "Current Profile" • Apply - Upda te the "Selected Profile" with the settings shown on screen, and start usin it g .

  • Page 28: Lan Screen

    LAN Screen This screen contains information and settings related to the local LAN. Note that for the MiFi 2200, the local LAN is the same as the WLAN (Wi-Fi network), because there are no ed clients following fields are available. •...

  • Page 29: Password Screen

    Password Screen Available on the Security sub-menu, the Password screen allows you to change the password which you used to login to this Web-based interface. To change the login password: Enter the current pa Enter the new password into t numbers, and standard punctuation symbols.

  • Page 30: Mac Filter Screen

    MAC Filter Screen Available on the Security sub-menu, the MAC Filter screen allows you to control whi Fi clients can use the MiFi 2200 to connect to the Internet. Access is allowe and trusted wireless clients. The trusted clients are identified by their MAC address, which is a unique low-level network ID.

  • Page 31: Port Filtering Screen

    Port Filtering Screen Available on the Security sub-menu, this screen allows you to configure the Port Filtering feature. This feature can block outgoing Internet traffic. If enabled, only known applications, identified by port number, can connect to the Internet. This screen contains the following settings Enable Port Filter - Use this checkbox to enable or disable the Port Filtering feature as desired.

  • Page 32

    define the required number of port ranges. Unused rows can be left blank. • End Port - Enter the end of the range of port numbers. For as single port (rather than a range), enter the same value for both the and End Port.

  • Page 33: Advanced Settings

    Advanced Settings Available on th e Advanced menu, this screen contains a number of rarely-used settings intended for use in special circumstances. The settings on th screen are organized into 3 categories Access Point 3G Modem Router System Access Point Settings •...

  • Page 34: Config File

    Config File Available on the Advanced menu, this screen provides the ability to download (backup) a copy of the configuration settings from the MiFi 2200 to a file on your computer, or restore pload) a previously-saved configuration file from your computer to the MiFi 2200. This configuration file contains all settings for the Access Po MiFi 2200;...

  • Page 35

    Diagnostics Available on the Advanced menu, this screen displays details of the firmware (software) and other system-level information. You can also view the system log and perform various operations. This screen is used mostly for troubleshooting and is not required for nor operation.

  • Page 36

    Note: That the Internet Connection Log shows only the most recent connections rather han all of the conn ections, which contribute to the Traffic Counters. Operations The following system-level operations are supported. Rest art - Restart MiFi 2200. All Internet connections, and all Wi-Fi connections, will be lost during the restart.

  • Page 37: Port Forwarding

    Port Forwarding Available on the Advanced menu, this feature allows incoming traffic (from the Internet) to be forwarded to a p articular computer or device on your l traffic from the Internet is blocked by the Firewall. You e n ed to use Port Forwarding to allow Internet users to access any server you are running on your computer, such a lin games, Port Forwarding must be used in order for the game to function correctl...

  • Page 38: Power Management

    Power Management Available on the Advanced menu, this screen controls the Power Management features of the MiFi 2200. The MiFi 2200 can switch to a low-power Standby mode. When using batter power, switching to Standby mode will greatly exte mode, the LED will blink slowly, fading in and out. To exit Standby mode, press the po button.

  • Page 39

    For additional information and technical support for VZAccess Manager and Verizon wireless devices, you can visit the Verizon Wireless Data Technical Support page at: http://ww

  • Page 40: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting The following tips will help solve many common problems encountered while using t MiFi 2200: Make sure you are using the MiFi 2200 in the • Mobile Broadband and NationalAccess the MiFi 2200 in the US. Ensure that the wireless network’s coverage extends to your current location. •...

  • Page 41: Product Specification, Technical Specifications

    TABLE 3: OPERATING SPECIF Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Drop Vibration Stability Verizon Wireless MiFi 2200 MiFi2200 VZW 58 g / 2.05 oz 90 mm x 60 mm x 8.8 mm 3.54 in x 2.36 in x 0.35 in CDMA 1X/EV-DO 802.11 b/g...

  • Page 42: Regulatory Notices

    Regulatory Notices CE Marking  This device has been tested to and conform European Union R&TTE directive 1999/5/EC and has attained CE Marking. Federal  Communications This equipment has been tested to, and found to be within the acceptable limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Canada ICES-003.

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  • Page 44

    The FCC has granted an Equipment Authorization for this wireless modem with all reported SAR levels evaluated as in compliance with the FCC RF exposure guidelines.  ...

  • Page 45

    roper Battery Use and Disposal  PORTANT: In event of a battery leak: Do not allow the liquid to come in contact with the skin or the eyes. If contact has been made, wash the affected area with large amounts of water and seek medical advice. Seek medical advice immediately if a battery has been swallowed.

  • Page 46: Limited Warranty And Liability

    Limited Warranty and Liability Novatel Wireless, Inc. warrants for the 12 month period immediately following receipt of the Product by Purchaser that the Product will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use. THESE WARRANTIES ARE EXPRESSLY IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, W ITHOUT LIMITATION, ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A...

  • Page 47

    Glossary 1xRTT rt for single carrier (1x) Radio Transmission Technology. A high speed wireless technology based the CDMA platform. 1xRTT has the capability of providing broadband-like speeds of up to 144 s. 1xRTT is also referred to as CDMA2000. EVDO Part of a family of CDMA2000 1x digital wireless standards.

  • Page 48

    Mbps Megabits per seco Rev A CDMA EV-DO Rev. A is a leading-edge wireless technology with higher data rates and higher system capacity. It is a fully backward compatible standard and remains interoperable with deployed EV-D networks and devices around the world. The in richer applications and services.

  • Page 49

    WWAN Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN). Also called "wireless broadband" or "broadband wireless," wireless WANs (WWAN s) use cellular towers to transmit a wireless signal over a range of several miles to a mobile device compared to wireless Wi-Fi LANs (WLANs), which span only a few hundred feet and generally to only stationary devices.

  • Page 50

    Wireless or their respective owners. Nothing contained in this user manual should be construed as granting by implication, estoppel, or otherwise, a license or right of use of Verizon Wireless or any other Trademark displayed in this user manual without the written permission of Verizon Wireless or its respective owners.

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